10 Nintendo Franchises That Will Likely Never See Another Title

Over the decades, countless incredible franchises have graced Nintendo consoles, some of which have been neglected.

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NecrumOddBoy15d ago

Golden Sun is overdue for a return.

princejb13415d ago

only if they do it right like the gba version. The 3ds was horrible

15d ago
PhoenixUp15d ago

Banjo-Kazooie isn't a Nintendo franchise anymore

Conker was never a Nintendo, especially since non of its game were even published by Nintendo

Sciurus_vulgaris15d ago

Nintendo never owned Rare or the original IPs that the studio created during the N64-era. I can’t believe the author lists Conker and Banjo-Kazooie as Nintendo franchise, despite both series having releases and re-releases on Xbox consoles.

Neonridr15d ago

Nintendo owned 49% of Rare at one point. Rare was a second party developer up until Nintendo sold their stake to Microsoft.

RizBiz15d ago

I don't think the author ever said first-party titles. A game that only appears on one console can be considered a franchise of that console.

PhoenixUp15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Not true

On the back of the Diddy Kong Racing box art, this was written

"Trademark of Nintendo, Diddy Kong, Banjo and Krunch characters licensed by Nintendo"

Meaning Nintendo licensed those characters to Rare. Note how Conker isn’t among the listed

wheresmymonkey15d ago

No that means Nintendo licensed those characters, meaning they paid Rare for their use. Conker wasn't in Diddy Kong Racing and they never owned any of them.

Sciurus_vulgaris15d ago

Nintendo licensed Duffy Kong, Banjo and Krunch from Rare.

PhoenixUp15d ago

@ where

There’s already proof that Nintendo at a point owned the Banjo-Kazooie franchise

Trademark History:

Nintendo of America Inc - Original Registrant
Nintendo of America Inc - Owner at Publication
Nintendo of America Inc - Original Applicant

Conker debuted in Diddy Kong Racing alongside Banjo

FallenAngel198414d ago

@ Sci

That doesn’t make sense. If Rare owned those characters mentioned in the trademark then there’d be no need to specifically mention just those three in particular as being licensed by Nintendo

Relientk7715d ago

Still waiting for Golden Sun.

RizBiz15d ago

I'd really love another Conker, but not as long as M$ owns the IP.

wheresmymonkey15d ago

I think the writer might want to look up Double Dragon Neon.

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