Spawn Kill Review: Hasbro Family Game Night

Sitting down to a board game with your family or friends has always been a staple of recreation throughout the years. As the years pass, however, busy schedules, distance, and many other factors contribute to the growing inability for friends, acquaintances, or family to get together around their favorite board game and have a good time. EA, along with Hasbro, has sought to bring some of the most beloved board games and assorted family games to the masses using the technology of Xbox LIVE to bring people together. Lovingly titled Family Game Night, the Xbox LIVE Arcade has received a hub for players to gather, as well as a starter pack of four games to choose from. We were given the opportunity to give these games a test drive. What we discovered was a cute, innovative hub in which friends will love to gather and choose a game from, but after the novelty wears off, you're left with simple versions of board games you know and love.

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K-Tuck3569d ago

Sweet, I love Scrabble. Weird that its kind of "hosted" by Mr. Potato.

ihaten4glol3569d ago

I don't think any of them are really worth 800 MS points.

tigresa3569d ago

I think Scrabble was kinda worth it, if any of them.