Hands-on with Mercury Meltdown Revolution

Last year, Ignition updated the Mercury Meltdown game with a sequel on the PlayStation 2. Same gameplay but with a much more animated appearance. The PlayStation 2's Dual Shock controller did a fine job of reproducing the PlayStation Portable's analog control, but that whole "tilt" thing wasn't even in the equation since the PS2 system doesn't even have that function.

That's where the Wii's stepping in. The development team's taken the PlayStation 2 project with its hundreds of levels, five mini-games, and its updated toon-shaded visuals, and put it on the Nintendo console. In the move, however, we get what the original game was meant to have: motion control. Yes, not surprisingly, the game design takes full advantage of the Wii remote's tilt functionality, and the Mercury Meltdown product has come full-circle at last.

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