What Will Madden 2010 Bring To The Table?

After the release of NaturalMotion's Backbreaker trailer, many people have been calling it "The Madden Killer". Which now brings me to ask, What is EA Sports going to do about it?

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KionicWarlord2223568d ago

lol backbreaker does look good,but its not going
to beat madden 10.

locos853568d ago

Same as every year, but we have no other choice. Its not like I can just get a roster update for this years game. I wish

cpuchess3457d ago

They had online franchise last year??

grantps33568d ago

i dont see the point of making a football game every year.

nothing ever changes besides stats and i guess new rookie players, but they really dont even change that much.

they should make a game were the new stats and rookies are DLC because dropping another 60 bucks just so your favorite player can run 5% faster in the new game just seems retarded.

Spike473568d ago

I know, its a mistake I won't ever forget, but the reason why I did it is a whole other story >_>

originalrece3568d ago

ever since they changed the gameplay madden has sucked to me. the ps2 days omg madden was a blast me an my friends would do whole tournements all night but when this new madden gameplay its just been horrific. right now i cant stand madden they need to stop making it a everyyear thing and change it to every 2 years and do a MAJOR UPDATE the year in between.

In conclusion

F*CK MADDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ParanoidMonkey3568d ago

What did they change about Madden? You still go for homeruns and loop-de-loops around the whos-dinger, and try and do an alley-oop before the buzzer... Right?

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The story is too old to be commented.