Capcom clears up Okami Wii sales confusion

Capcom's Christian Svensson has finally clarified most of the confusion behind the sales of Okami on Wii.

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sinncross4674d ago

ok, so it did well enough.
Pity, it was released on two of the world's best selling consoles and it still failed to do amazingly well.

oh well, still have it on the ps2, one of my fav games on the console!

Milky4674d ago

Yeah its really excellent.

nerubii4674d ago

is there really a confusion because i don't see any. confuses the mind of an idiot though.

mastiffchild4674d ago

The only confusion is why the world managed to let this wonderful game down twice. Truly a classic that just doesn't seem to have the appeal of Mario and sonic(a fat plumber and a fekkin blue hedgenog) at the Olympics!

Gah, people have no idea. Really they don't. Everyone I know that played Okami from my six year old to my goddam mum loved it to bits. Come my revolution it's going to be compulsory along with SoTC in all schools.

In detention you'll play Haze and Too Human and the tubby kids can play Fifa instead of having PE.

ChampIDC4674d ago

I feel guilty that I haven't played the game. I'll be getting it when I get a PS2 sometime. The recent price drop made me finally decide to grab one. There's too many games I've been missing out on.

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The story is too old to be commented.