M.A.G. Confirmed As FPS Only

A member of the official PlayStation forums has just received the latest Game Informer issue and has posted a picture with confirmation that Sony's new action title will be an FPS.

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irish-leprecaun3476d ago

cod and killzone fans will be pleased with dis!!

TheAntiFanboy3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I'm actually really intrigued by this concept. It might turn out sucky, and hearing that it'll only be FPS is kinda sad, but props to the dev's for trying something interesting.

I personally like the FPS perspective. It feels more... immersive. Makes the world feel a LOT bigger.

Mainman3476d ago

I actually wanted this game, but reading it is an FPS I wont buy this one.

ThanatosDMC3476d ago

What's wrong with FPS? I thought it was FPS to begin with... remember the screen shots posted?

Proxy3476d ago

FP3 = Run around with a gun in your face, put cross hairs over enemies, shoot 'em up.

TP3 = Run around with a buttock in your face, put cross hairs over enemies, shoot 'em up.

"Wow, I'm very excited for MAG."
"Waitt it's FPS instead of TPS? I don't care about it any more."

How is this even possible?

rockleex3476d ago

Its like this.

A hot thick beautiful sexy girl wants to show her FACE to you. "Oh yes!"

A hot thick beautiful sexy girl wants to show her BUTTOCKS to you. "Man, I thought she was gonna show me her face. Screw it, I don't care about her anymore."

Oh wait... I still don't get it. >_<

cayal3476d ago

^ That might be the dumbest analogy I've ever heard.

king dong3476d ago

5x more interested in this now. a 256player fps sounds pretty damn good...i'm thinking day one purchase for me.

rockleex3476d ago

"Oh wait... I still don't get it. >_<"

That implies its not supposed to make sense.

gaffyh3476d ago

in before: "FPS is boring now unless it's on 360, then yay!"

DeadlyFire3476d ago

I enjoy anygame with a gun regardless of FPS/TPS gameplay. I prefer FPS for many reasons. Its adds more realism to the game and tactics. It makes more sense. Do you have a camera floating behind your body as you walk around or not? I don't think so. I hate many TPS games. A few are exceptional, but many are crap. Not just because its TPS, but because the gameplay doesn't match the TPS genre.

TheDude2dot03476d ago

I thought it was always a FPS. Why are people so surprised?

MicroSony4Life3476d ago

Let me guess, the same jungle, cave and destroyed urban area setting which consist of a color palate of Grey,Brown and Green.

I think FBS have an agenda to make you feel depress. You can hate on Halo all you want but at least there is some color in the game.

Hobadoon3475d ago

I REALLY wanted this to be 3rd Person... This makes me rethink this title as well... Nothing set in stone yet for me though.

Hallucinate3475d ago

i was intrested..but now im not this is ganna be the same as every other fps released this gen

TheDude2dot03475d ago

Seriously wtf? How does it being FPS change anything? It would be the same game except in third person. You guys are ridiculous.

gaffyh3475d ago

@Robondacob - Don't worry dude, it's just the new "go to" excuse for xbox fanboys. Obviously it won't matter when Halo 4 is released, or Bioshock 2, but it matters with MAG DAMNIT! :D

Hobadoon3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Ignorant... It matters to the people who have played the SOCOM series forever from zipper back on the PS2 (which was 3rd person). Not 360 Fanboys. This stems back even before 360 was out... Think before you speak.

umair_s513475d ago

why the hell is there an 'only' in the title?

TheDude2dot03475d ago

If you read the comments made above, they were trying to say that it will be another generic FPS because it isn't in third person. That has nothing to do with Socom. It's a fricking perspective view. Who gives a crap if it is not third person?

Hobadoon3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Who gives a crap? The people who wanted it to be a 3rd person shooter. Easy answer...

Dont BE mAdd3475d ago

stick to the single player games sony thats where u shine
dont try to be like the shooterbox 360..doesnt fit u

TheDude2dot03475d ago

Way to answer my rhetorical question with an idiotic answer. You sure are witty and totally proved my argument wrong. Kudos.

gaffyh3475d ago

@Riven - But it's not SOCOM, it's MAG. FPS tend to be much better than TPS. I've played SOCOM as well, and I still prefer FPS. FPS sell more than TPS unless it's like Gears Of War, which it won't be.

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swiftshot933476d ago

MW2, Bioshock 2 (if as good as the first) and KZ2 are enough.

Enough FPS sony, stick with RPGs, racing, and action please.

Unbiased13476d ago

yeah since we need more racing games ...(roll eyes)

Panthers3476d ago

NO interest in this game

equax3475d ago

Bring out the racing games I'm craving for some..

velaxun3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

how can someone NOT be interested in this game? I admit that yes, the shooter market is a little over saturated but seriously, you gotta wonder how 256 players is gonna work out. That's what has me most excited for this game.

Hell even 360 users should be interested. 256 players online (in an fps) hasn't been seen before. If this was on 360, even though I don't have one, I'd still be interested in the game just to see how this can impact multiplayer shooters in the future.

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belal3476d ago

will blow away killzone 2 in online, im sorry but it will blow away killzone 2 online. but thats good for us ps3 owners we get it all, MODERN WAREFARE 2, MAG, KILLZONE 2, ASSASINS CREED, UNCHARTED,RATCHET,RAGE,TEKKEN 6,BIOHSOCK 2, DEAD RISING 2,NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2.

so im happy but mag will be on its own league when it comes to online play, why? becous it will basically be like modern ware fae 2, but bigger and cooler. lets just wait for some in game gameplay and modes (perks ect). this will be a day one bu for me

Unbiased13476d ago

can we please stop with putting tags on any new game to be "killer" or "blower" of this or that game?
It is so getting old.

TheAntiFanboy3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

We all know what you're trying to do. Stop trying to shoehorn your ignorance into every comment you make.

And I agree with 2.1. Game A is good. Game B is good. Game C is good. They're good for different reasons. THEY CAN COEXIST.

swiftshot933476d ago

lol, sony has always been great with racing games, ALWAYS.

FPS just feel tired out. It would have been fine if it was third-person though.

Kain813476d ago

about Wild arms, Darkcloud 3, Legend of dragoon 2, Rogue galaxy 2 and some other sony rpg ips that will come to ps3

TheAntiFanboy3476d ago

My favorite racing simulator is GRID. That's multiplatform. Your point, merely an opinion, is now officially rendered moot.

Unbiased13476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )


yes those rumors came from Vgtilt, so i am sceptical about it. Not saying that some of those games won't come regardless of what Silogon or Gamesblow said but since they bailed out the way they did i am sceptical even if it is a rumor.


Come on man, there are so many racing games, even more so then FPS games. In case of racing games we really don't need more of those, all you do is racing, there is no story. In case of FPS genre (of which i am not biggest fan) you can justify new FPS game because it is going to have new (good) story, or continuation of old one, or new boss battles, etc.
In case of racing game it is same stuff, racing.
All i need when it comes to racing is GT5(full game) and Motorstorm games, every thing else is just beating dead horse.
Well ok Forza 3 will be cool if you are 360 owner.

blusoops3476d ago

Love GT5 and Motorstorm and u forgot Wipeout! Everything else is meh...for me. Only an opinion. I didn't like grid, or NFS, or especially Pure, didn't see what people saw in that game.

On topic: bummer MAG is FPS...i was really hoping for 3rd person, but I'll still give it a shot. I guess i'll have to wait for Warhawk 2 for my TPS online fix!!

velaxun3475d ago

how is fps any different from tps? Is it because you can't move the camera around the corner? You're still aiming guns at other people's faces, whether it's fps or tps doesn't matter as long as the game's fun

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