Does The PS3 Have More Stable Software Than The 360?

PSXE writes: We all know about the reliability catastrophe that is the Xbox 360. There's no denying that Microsoft basically screwed everyone over by releasing a shoddy machine that breaks about 30% of the time, and further screwed everyone over by taking more than two years to fix it. And now, even if the "Red Ring of Death" system failure is out of the way, we've heard about a new nasty error that crashes 360 machines. But that's not the point of this article; it's more about the software.

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Straight Life3476d ago

End of 2009
PS3 Game lineup >360 Game Line up

s8anicslayer3476d ago

I don't know about games, but hardware yes!

ShabzS3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

my 360 has crashed twice during gta 4... i havent experienced any major glitches yet... but in terms of hardware stability i'm sorry my xbox is crap... i mean i have to pop the game disc in and out 10 15 times for it to read the game ... it keeps giving me 'Play DVD' even if theres gears 2 in it..

thereapersson3476d ago

He puts in a game and sometimes it doesn't even recognize that it's a 360 game. It tells him to "please insert an XBOX 360 disc".

ShabzS3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

yup thats the same 'Play DVD' error i'm talking about... it sucks... after booting it up twice and popping the disc in and out over again for 10 15 mins it finally works..... but by then i've lost interest to play the game... hehe.

yz2503476d ago

you are nothing but a closet fanboy. i own both consoles, and ps3 malfunctions more than 360. i had my ps3 less than 24 hrs and it froze up. do not try to hide your bullsh1t fanboyism any more. ps3 is not perfect sorry son, only nintendo makes reliable hardware

thereapersson3476d ago

Not only that, but you're in some serious denial of a major problem.

"...and ps3 malfunctions more than 360."

Why on earth would you make such a stupid statement such as that? Furthermore, why would shbzhar make a statement that coincides so well with mine unless maybe it happened to him as well?

Talk about pot calling the kettle black!

Strikepackage Bravo3476d ago

I know its hard to believe because most of you here are PS3 fans, and you like to think that your system of choice is the better option in everyway.

But while I was at Bestbuy, we were bothered by all the malfunctions of the consoles when customers returned to geek squad (or called) with problems. PS3 had the most, 360 2nd, Wii hardly ever. 360 has RROD and disk scratching; the rest of its issues are quite rare. PS3 however has a couple hardware issues that we see alot, although not as often as RROD, and a ton of software issues, usually small but annoying. Most are fixed with a reboot. 360 on the other hand almost never needs to be rebooted, like i said its main issue is RROD and disk scratching.

The thing I think I hate about PS3 the most is when it fails, you can't get your games out of it, really sux.

If you believe PS3 is more advanced than the other two then perhaps you can feel better by considering that it has more that can go wrong due to its advanced nature?

SaiyanFury3476d ago

I don't know, I have both a 360 and a PS3. I've had a few disc read errors on my 360 where games froze, but I've also had it happen a couple of times with my PS3. Of course, on the PS3 it was only Oblivion that locked up. But that's not the system, that's the game as I've had it lock up on me many times while playing it on my PC. Not only that, I've had Oblivion game saves corrupt on me. Fallout 3 on my PC also locks up regularly, of course that game is based on Oblivion's game engine, which seems to be unstable. I've never had my 360 have a format read problem where it reads a 360 disc as a foreign format asking for a 360 disc. Just my personal testimony here.

Doctor_Doom3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

So I don't Care ;)

Besides I have no problems with my 2005 xbox360 and my PS3

vagisil3476d ago

thank you and come again ok........... blow harder you might get farther

vagisil3476d ago

this is news for sony fanboys how can his post be right??? ps3 never fux up never falters it is so damn perfect!!!

gaffyh3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

@Shbzshar - Your 360 drive is dying. I used to get the same thing, luckily I was still within 1 year of warranty so I got it fixed for free. Call MS (tell them you bought the console like 9 months ago) and if they replace it for free great, but if not you may have to force RROD.

@bravo & others - So basically, PS3 malfunctions more, but these are little errors that do not affect the console. Just need a restart and the console works fine. Most of the time these errors are caused by the user switching the PS3 off from the back when it is still powered up. With the 360, it tends not to have these little errors, but when it starts dying you can't play the console. I've had to send my console in 3 times twice for disk read errors (MS didn't fix it the first time), and once for RRoD.

So major errors more likely on 360, minor errors more likely on PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Prior to installing NG2 on my 360, I have only had one freeze. On my PS3, I had numerous issues with freezing in the browser and in games. See my comment history. It is counter-intuitive that the more difficult architecture to program for is more reliable.

However, since I installed NG2 I had at least 5 crashes/freezes. I don't know if it is the installation or if I need to clear the cache as many recommended. The odd thing is, the game froze, but going to Xbox dash still works....

If anything, I'm convinced of the opposite. Ben Dutka, the author of this article, though is a Sony drone. Just look at his article history. They are all Pro Sony without the opposite view. He probably doesn't even have a 360.

king dong3476d ago

1) does n4g have the biggest gathering of sony fanboys on the net?

2) is there a plethora of blog sites, that write the most stupidest and biggest load of rubbish especially for n4g?

i think the answer is most definately yes!

gamesR4fun3476d ago

we had the same issue with star ocean n gears dont even get me started on saints row or fable sigh
n now its got the disk read error thing damn us for buying a first gen box
imo their pushing the machine way 2 hard trying to keep up with the ps3

IdleLeeSiuLung3476d ago

Since when is pushing the machine harder a bad thing? So if the PS3 is using 100% of it's power is that a bad thing all of a sudden?

3XP3476d ago

Second, a clueless person should not try and make statements in areas that he or she has no expertise. Unless this dim wit is a software engineer how does he know whether his problem is a software or hardware problem.

I have had program lockup on me on my PC because I had a bad stick of memory. I have had game freeze on me because I had outdated video drivers.

Trust me folk this LAME-A$$ article was written to produce negative FUD about the 360. But people that write these articles already know you typical nextgen fanboy can't resist the temptation.

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KionicWarlord2223476d ago

star ocean 4 does freeze up sometimes . Gears has minimum glitches
that i would call lag which it is sometimes/

BaSeBaLlKiD7213476d ago

gears? minimum glitches? LOL

phosphor1123476d ago

I got chainsawed by my NPC teammate and died. My friend had to run past our split up path and come back to pull me up before I died.

I did a dive roll towards a pillar, I ended up POPPING UP ON TOP of the pillar..and was friend had to once again run ahead until I spawned next to him.

I have fallen in those emergence holes lots of times.

Gotten stuck in geometry (walls and such)

My friend said im not allowed to play that game anymore, cuz i "break" it lol. Well...I can give you other examples of games I have "broken"..including R6 Vegas lol..funny stuff..I can go on about what happened, but it wouldnt be as funny as being there.

pixelsword3476d ago

and by little, I mean a lot.

KionicWarlord2223476d ago

meant gears 2 has minimum glitches. only reason said that is becauseits hard to tell if its lag or a glitch.

pixelsword3476d ago

Yeah, I can agree with Gears 2 being less glitchy.

phosphor1123476d ago

But i was still disappointed..I don't think MS should force devs to push out games. Lol..I still want the meat cube xD. Should have that as like unlocked content after you beat the game lol. Just for fun..push a button and 1 falls from the sky xD. I'm gonna watch a video of that again. =P

ShabzS3476d ago

hehe .. i thought the shiny metal ball thingy was better ... but imagine co-op football with the meat cube now that is gears...

PotNoodle3476d ago

I LOVE gears, but come on - gears of war 2 has too many problems, lag (still, not as bad as before though) matchmaking is still too slow compared to other games, and still too many glitches.

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be_wrong3476d ago

comparing the 360's quality to the ps3 would be a joke. the ps3 was built to stand the test of time, software or hardware that is. the 360 even has problems after pluging it in for the first time

Why dis3476d ago

I find that PS3 has more issues with system software than any console I have ever owned. Game software on PS3 has been good except KZ2, IT had issues and PS3 game demos are sometimes a mess(crash PS3 leaving a black screen)

Don't pretend PS3 doesn't have issues. Blu-ray playback is sometimes unstable and I get signal loss from the PS3. PS StorE has incomplete software like most of it was tacked on(buy PSN games and the PS3 is struggling so much I feel like its not going to let me buy the game and lose my money.

You name a PS3 error and I probably had it.

Love importing CD's and the PS3 sometimes pop an error but if you keep trying it will follow through.

cryymoar3476d ago

your isolated PS3 issues DOES NOT EQUAL (anywhere near) the general xb360 issues.
EVERY piece of hardware and software has its issues, even a microwave can have hardware and software issues. Don't try to bring the PS3's minor glitches up to par with the xb360's major faults. take your fanboyism over there >>>>>>>

Omegasyde3476d ago

"I find that PS3 has more issues with system software than any console I have ever owned."

A bit ironic, since you do not have a PS3 and have stated your waiting for a additional price cut. Let alone, you constantly troll everything PS3 related downsizing anything postitive for Sony in general.

"U Gawt Cauwt dawg"

ps3blowz3476d ago

now i know why my ps3 fux up after an "update"

FlameBaitGod3476d ago

lol y do people argue with why this ? that kid is 1 of the 360 fanboy legends on N4G.

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jakinov3476d ago

it's so slow and missing so many features, it's gay.

Elvfam5113476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

lol somebody is mad

That's funny because i multitask a lot on the ps3 look why dis take yourself somewhere else maybe somebody will care

Why dis3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I'm afraid to multi task on it one time it caused an error trying to do more than one thing at once. That last update killed my PS3 controller connection I finally turned it on and off a few times and it worked.

I'v even had an errors when the console switched resolutions from XMB(1080p) to game(720p) etc the screen went black the console crashed or something.

There was another time when my PS3 switched resolutions when loading a game and these little vertical squiggly lines were in a bar that took one fifth on my screen, when I returned to the XMB screen I had to change resolutions and back again to get rid of them.

My PS3 even confused PSN *game demos* with PSN full demos not letting me own the game until it sunk in so to speak.

Who knows they're so many different types of PS3's that have different hardware specs.

cryymoar3476d ago

that's probably compatibility issues between your PS3 and your TV.
take your trolling over there >>>

pixelsword3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

"That last update killed my PS3 controller connection I finally turned it on and off a few times and it worked."

So turning on and off your PS3 a few times will erase software updates. Despite the fact that no other console, nay, computing machine works like that ANYWHERE.

If the last update "killed" your PS3 controller connection, that would be something that would have to be patched. Turning on and off your PS3 a few times won't magically make it work. If that actually did happen to you, it was a glitch, which makes me wonder how you keep your house if you're having this many problems.

Heck, trade it in for another one; or if you were having this many troubles all this time, you should have sent it in for repairs when you had the warranty.

FPShooter3476d ago

I have had my console since launch and I can honestly say I have never had any of those problems your speaking of.

frankly I don't believe you, but if you are having that many problems I cant imagine it happening to a more deserving person.

Omegasyde3476d ago

Why is the software homosexual?

Please explain, because I thought the software for the PS3 had more of a metro sexual vibe to it.

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PirateThom3476d ago

I'd say it's about even.

Both consoles need patches in a lot of cases, many games suffer freezing issues and bugs.

Welcome to the world of internet connections and consoles with Hard drives, eh?

swiftshot933476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I can accept it in open world games, but if you install and it and if it is optimized well enough there should be no issue (look at RE5, MGS4).

Then there are great looking games like ME, Bioshock, Gears, and Uncharted that have a lot of it.

Perkel3476d ago

uncharted ? There is a only one glith with loading textures on the beggining. That's All

ChilliDemon3476d ago

I've had Uncharted freeze on me once. Oblivion has treated me to several freezes.
However, given the complexity of modern games software it always surprises me that these things run as well as they do.