Microsoft Windows 7: Upgrade or just buy a pizza?

BusinessWeek is running a piece on Microsoft's latest attempts to fight back against Apple and Linux and its secret strategy to force unwitting Windows users to upgrade to various flavors of Windows 7.

Because of the smaller size of Windows 7, three versions of the program will come loaded even on lower-end machines. If a consumer on a cheaper PC running the "Standard" version tries to use a high-definition monitor or run more than three software programs at once, he'll discover that neither is possible. Then he'll be prompted to upgrade to the pricier "Home Premium" or "Ultimate" version.

Microsoft says the process will be simple. Customers enter their credit-card information, then a 25-character code, make a few keystrokes, then reboot. (Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Consumer-Product Marketing Brad Brooks) says pricing hasn't been determined, but upgrading "will cost less than a night out for four at a pizza restaurant."

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rebirthofcaos3567d ago

as a tech support for pc i will go for the pizza

PirateThom3567d ago

So, Standard basically means your PC is locked out?

Kakkoii3567d ago

No, it just means it's for extremely casual users. Such as mothers and old people. Who don't really use their computer for much either than surfing the net and doing the odd thing.

RememberThe3573567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Your explanation doesn't change the fact that this is bullsh*t.

ThanatosDMC3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Whoa whoa whoa... why would i type up my credit card info without knowing the price?!

Megaton3567d ago

I'll take the pizza and use XP, thanks.

bob saget remix3567d ago

When Vista has only been out for like 2 years! Sorry Microsoft I think your shooting yourself in the foot. XP is going to remain on top for a very long time.

Kakkoii3567d ago

Most people didn't buy Vista because they knew Windows 7 was coming and just decided to wait it out. People will be buying or pirating Win 7 to either A.) Escape the clutches of Vista. B.) Finally move on from XP, and onto DirectX11 gaming also!

Warbletot3567d ago

Extra cheesy crust with a garlic bread please...

RememberThe3573567d ago

I'm not even hungry and that sound good.

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The story is too old to be commented.