Americas Sales for the Week Ending April 4, 2009

The week ending April 4, 2009 ended the day before the DSi launched in the Americas. So even though the market is down compared to last week and last April, the incoming DSi launch should insure the video game market in the Americas rises above April 2008 levels after a brief drop this week. Given the games released in that period – like Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart Wii – it is quite impressive that the video game industry continues to grow.

Wii - 155,575
DS - 148,998
X360 - 71,546
PS3 - 63,898
PSP - 52,579
PS2 - 36,651

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belal5347d ago

trust vgchart buts if these numbers a true or almost correct then 360 wow managed to outsell ps3 by only 8k. the pricecut affect is not helping so much now.

jahcure5347d ago

but damn.. only 8k in US...That's not right. The xbox360 is half the price so it should be selling 2 times as much just like the wii is

mint royale5347d ago

the gaps naturally get closer but 8K is quite close! @above well only one of the models is 1/2 the price so I wouldn't suggest that it should double sales.

Lucreto5347d ago

Well VgChartz number for the 360 are always higher than the actual figure. They showed that they were selling the PS3 as the same numbers as 360 when the PS3 was selling more last year but the real figures there a few thousand off.

king dong5347d ago

with sony trailing by over 7mil consoles world-wide, any loss is not good. and now the UK being the second largest market in the world(a country where the ps3 is not as popular as the other two consoles), even the benefits of sonys supremacy in japan dont do anything to offset the deficit.

sony have lost the two biggest markets in the world...how many will they lose next gen i wonder??

with the playstation brand-name, 10 years of utter dominance and the beztz ztudioz and developerz in the worldz with the beztz exclusivez. i would've expected sony to be where the wii is in all honesty. even sony expected to be there aswell.....thats why they launched it at the price it launched at.

now watch the disagrees.

anyway, this is vgchartz, just a guess, and not fact.

Jinxstar5347d ago (Edited 5347d ago )

I dont trust it either. Reported as fake.

@ King Dong. The "7 mil" would be more... Acceptible of a claim if MS counted units sold not shipped in their figures. Think about the 30% fail rate of the 360 then take 30% off the total number of 360's in circulation due to replacements. You have your numbers then. Also take into account a years head start.

Thats why people disagree with you. Or at least why I did.

GiantEnemyCrab5347d ago

haha I love it when you measure the failure of the 360 by how much it sells over the PS3. It's like "we only got kinda azz kicked this week, YOHOOOO!!!!!" Funny stuff.

butterfinger5347d ago (Edited 5347d ago )

I love how you will always lean slightly towards the 360. I don't mean this sarcastically at all. I have enjoyed reading your opinions over the past few months (they are generally unbiased), but I love how you still stay somewhat true to your roots. lol.

Damn you, Crab! I knew I would get disagrees for this!

fredy5347d ago

i bet you if the ps3 was down by 100k you might say "well i never trust vgchartz, i know they can't be true or almost correct"...i bet

whatever makes you feel better. you almost wanna believe these numbers and wouldn't mind them.

Event Horizon5347d ago

PS3 getting spanked in North America again. Sony has to do something to get their poor sales up in NA. Having Japan just isn't enough.

SprSynJn5347d ago

X360 - 149,133
PS3 - 143,218

Anyone else notice that? It's funny that with even the 360's lead in the States and UK, it still only manages to outsell the competition by 6,000 units. Not too shabby if you ask me, and hardly enough to make Sony worry as King Dong would have you believe.

rockleex5346d ago (Edited 5346d ago )

Oh noes! WatEVER will Sony do?!?!

Nevermind that the PS3 sells at least 10 million units each year. And that the 360 came out one year earlier. Meaning that the PS3 would be ahead by 3 million if not for the one year difference.


@disagree: I'm sorry that you can't do math.

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-MoOkS-5347d ago

Kz2, MLB etc still aren't enough for the ps3 to outsell the 360. Whats it going to take?

lloyd_wonder5347d ago

A $199.99 price point? oh wait... the 360 barely does that

happyface5347d ago

ps3 exclusives just aren't getting people excited about buying consoles

they just aren't getting the job done

FF7numbaone5347d ago

its price, with that price drop in last year Q4, 360 would not be killing the ps3. Ps3 needs price drop and the consumers are thinking its getting one soon.

MicroSony4Life5346d ago

The Sony trolls are the same one saying that the 360 has no games and that the DLC won't help sales and Killzone 2 will be sony's console mover like what Halo does for the xbox.

If that's that case then why is xbox is outselling the PS3,wait let me answer that for you trolls, We have to many games right now and Killzone 2 has long legs, and the only reason that xbox has more sells is because the media is bias.

The PS3 is a great machine but was a big let down for me, maybe I was expecting games like killzone 2 , Metal Gear solid 4 to be released the same time the PS3 launched.

I can say the same thing about Microsoft but forgive them because they are new to the console market.

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dylantalon5347d ago (Edited 5347d ago )

i love the way things are going for the ps3 at the moment.i'm not a fanboy or anything because im a gamer and i own all the systems. i prefer the ps3 for a lot of reason because i know the pros and cons about all the systems. i love games and gaming technology and ps3 reign supreme in all areas with a blu ray player , wifi and a lot of others.

the ps3 will only go up in sales because its so future proof. the rest of the consoles dont have that luxury because their tech is already a bit dated which isnt a bad thing but it will continue to hinder them over the next few years.the ps3 can play blu ray cds which is just in its infancy after winning the format war so as people buy hd teles, the ps3 will sell more and more.

the ps3 is the most reliable system also and it has the best looking exclusive games when it comes to graphics and technology in games. i love that the ps3 is selling quite well compared to the system that is in direct competition with it while costing more. its 3 times the price of an xbox 360 in some parts of europe and its twice the price of the xbox in the usa and japan. the ps3 is doing quite well and i love it because i want a quality system to do good while the online service is lag free and not costing anything.

ps. the talon stands for taleneted

Fox015347d ago (Edited 5347d ago )

He's not a fanboy he says.

I wonder what it'll be like if you were a fanboy :

"oh yeah, give it to me PS3. Oh, right there, oh yeah!"

butterfinger5347d ago

do we really need your "p.s." and "xbl/psn" in every single post? Why not just use it as your sig on the forums? If we care to find out your xbl/psn we should be able to click on your name and see it, and then in turn, maybe we can find out if you are actually "taleneted" (I think you were shooting for TALENTED). :)

JoySticksFTW5347d ago

I actually think it's pretty funny. :)

Kind of reminds me of DarkSniper's old posts...


Where have all of N4G's great personalities gone :(

DaTruth5346d ago

Whatever happened to Zhuk? He was a rabid 360 fanboy but he was funny as He11.

JoySticksFTW5346d ago


And Breakfast... It's a shame he doesn't post as much anymore. But when he did it was hilarious... posing and an extreme PS3 fanboy one moment and a deluded 360 fanboy the next...

It was funny watching all of the disagrees and angry replies pile up :)

Everyone takes their "anti-fanboyism" so seriously these days... bah

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Kurylo3d5347d ago (Edited 5347d ago )

im wondering if there are actually any poeple that buy the 199 360.. i mean i always go for the more expensive one just cause i want that harddrive. Either way i feel as though sony is third this generation no matter what, but not saying they lost. I think that the numbers sold are so close that no one is really a loser.

Oh and nothing is "future proof" for anyone to say the ps3 is... thats just a catch phrase. If microsoft were to release a new console this year... sony would have no choice but to follow up with a new console as soon as possible. You say that other consoles tech is outdated... but from what perspective.. each console has a more advanced peice. Sony has a cell processor and blue ray... microsoft has a 3 core with hyper threading processor with a more powerful graphics card. Wii has redifined controllers with their technology. Its just a different route taken.

Fox015347d ago

why do you have only two bubbles?
Anyway here's one from me.

Kurylo3d5347d ago

because of pussies who cant take the truth. You get condemned, just like speakn out agaisnt slavery in the south back when slavery existed... This site is full of sony fanboys who would rather shut u up then let u speak. Don't bother me. They are just kids... cant fault them for being dumb.

If it really mattered to me id create a new account and start with 6 again. Beleive it or not all my bubbles were taken away in 1 post.