Prototype Demo Available Early Next Month?

PlayStationLive writes "We now know that Prototype will be released early June, but we now have reports coming in that the demo will be available on the PlayStation Network (PC & Xbox 360 Live also) in the first couple of weeks next month."

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ExXxilE3530d ago

This is one game that I am really looking forward to, but as with Ninja Blade, I hope this game doesn't disappoint me, like Ninja Blade did.

Cajun Chicken3530d ago

I would very much like that!

Allowen3530d ago

This game will probably sell more on the Xbox360 since the PS3 's version of Prototype will fight in salles against a similar kind game, Infamous.

I am still not sure wich one to buy and so I will wait for the reviews. I would like to help Sony by buying an exclusive game but it al depends the review of Prototypr VS Infamous.

marcindpol3529d ago

i am sure that when it comes to overall quality infamous is gonna be better, i am only worry if the gameplay will not be repetitive...

kaelix3529d ago

I prototype will sell well on the 360 cause the 360 has nothing else to buy this year so what other options do they have? wait for exclusives or give into the multiplats?

Allowen3530d ago

Prototype will be fun I am sure since it is a futuristic clone of Assassin's Creed a game also published by Activision.


ummmm, correct me if i am wrong, but wasn't AC published by Ubisoft ?

Eiffel3529d ago

Yes Ubisoft published Assassins Creed.

Phantom_T3529d ago

Can you find a comparison between Assassin's Creed and Prototype?
Bar the hood.

aldesko3527d ago

Open world...

aaaaaaand that's it =)

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The story is too old to be commented.