Sony PS3 The Getaway Release Date?

Besides a teaser at 2005's E3. The Getaway for the ps3 has been under wraps for some time now. With dwindling thirdparty exclusives Sony needs to look for 1st party games for some footing in the Next Gen Race. Thats where the stable franchises are born. Gamestop has placed a release that for The Getaway. The first of July. The steady flow of games continues with games like Lair, Heavenly Sword, The Getaway.

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Violater4760d ago

Quality not quantity from 1st party Devs.
All they have to say is Heavenly Sword and i think to myself.
Nuff Said!

consolewar4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

we need a tiebreaker.
Dumbest person of the day award is onhold.

You forgot 70% of Ps2 games are crap, and now you say quality > quantity.yeah right.

Let's hope the sony defense force dont strike back or this award will be on hold for ever.

Babylonian4760d ago

Dear consolewar, you are just like your picture states. SPAM

XxZxX4760d ago

Quantity is always better than nothing at all.

This is the funny part,
When dont get enough games, people whine.
When get too much games but just ok games, people whine.
When get too much good games, people whine.

I'm not pointing at you Violater, so no offense.

synLamont4760d ago

what are you talking about most PS2 games got an average score of 6 or better that is if they were even scored at all. Just because you don't like all the different and diverse games for the PS2 is no reason to criticize its game library.

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TheGoodMART4760d ago

I cant wait to actually try this wicked game

ReconHope4760d ago

i fisrt getaway was the s***( one of best games i've played) can't wait to play this.

Lex Luthor4760d ago

The getaway was such a terrible game and the second is even worse. But the voice acting and story is top notch, they are the only 2 things thats good about the series.

SmokeyMcBear4760d ago

lex luthor should not say ewwww.... ever

deathtok4760d ago

Yeah the plot and talent in the game was pretty good. The only thing that really brought the game down was the controls IMO.

kingboy4760d ago

i loved the first one more though,had a very nice plot to it

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The story is too old to be commented.