GDC 07: PSSG Environment Demo

Check out the poweful PSSG engine available for developers and the some of the increadible environments they can create with it.

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soccerstar4763d ago

idk if its just me but that doesnt look that great

Creepa at GameManx4763d ago

Your right its ok...but idk this generation i was expecting a wow from all the new systems....and they all have let me down in terms of WOW graphics

SRuN44763d ago

so this is an engine for PS3 games?

neogeo4763d ago

was that supposed to blow my mind? That looked like Sonic the rings for Wii. Wow! the new engine can do Wii graphics! that freaking amazing!

techie4763d ago

This is an engine for all systems (ps3 360 pc) why is this listed only under ps3? The driving game Colin Mcrae uses this engine.

If you want to know the ps3 engine then you will have many to find, as they are used on all next gen ones - excpet for those that are built from scratch eg. 1st party games. The Edge are only tools and not an engine, that are used to aid existing and future engines.

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