Leisure Suit Larry creator labels new game a disaster

DarkZero: "Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, developed by Team 17 and published by Codemasters, was released earlier this month. The original creator of the Leisure Suit Larry franchise, Al Lowe, was in no way involved with the game, but now that it is out, and getting hammered in most reviews, he decided to air his opinion."

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Ghoul3575d ago

as i said earlier on this game,
as a larry player since the first hour, i can only say everything about this game sux.
the style, the jokes, the game.

000000000000000000013575d ago

I paid $19.95 with free shipping, so I wasn't expecting next gen graphics. The game really isn't that bad, IMO. It's really kind of fun with some stupid stuff throw in. What really funny is I will spend more time with it than I did with KZ2.

Hellsvacancy3575d ago

Itll b worth it 2 rack up a few trophies

Magnus3575d ago

The game is not that bad I life the fact its free roaming like GTA, the things I do hate about is the fact the camera is clutzy aswell as the controls. The other thing is the Unreal Engine just doesn't look right either. Its a great game to get easy trophies and achievement points.

tamd3575d ago

seriously if u played old larry games u will dont like this game, it's lack in every department of game story, graphics, humor...that's y it's a disaster

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