The Top 10 Worst Types of Fanboys

Fanboys – people that are fanatical about a particular type of technology – should be loaded into a special space ship that flies directly from Earth to the burning, white-hot center of the Sun. Do these people even stop to think that the companies they so blindly defend could really care less? How can someone have blind devotion to a circuit board and transistors? Fanatacism isn't always a negative thing, but guess what? Right now, in this list, it's a really *&%ing horrible thing

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Th3 Chr0nic3477d ago

"At least I don’t have a mortgage on my console" LOL i hadnt heard that one before.

im surprised N4G let this article be posted since it mentions "toy" and "wii" in the same page. everytime i say that i get banned................oops look what i did 0_o