App Store Insider: Mid-Priced Applications writes:

"With all of the fuss about 99 cent applications taking over the App Store, I have decided to take a different route and instead shine the spotlight on mid-priced applications. Yes, there are far fewer successful mid-priced applications, but how do you measure success? It's obvious that higher priced applications have a more difficult time getting into the top 100 paid applications because they cost more. The list is based on the amount of units sold, so it's a no brainer.

I will be taking a look at a few choice mid-priced applications to see what has made them successful, and how developers can be sure that their mid-priced applications have a chance to succeed in the App Store. Is it their pricing scheme, user ratings, marketing, or just pure luck? I will also look at how many less units a developer would need to sell in order to equal the success of a less expensive application's success."

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FuzzyChinchilla3478d ago

i think mid-price applications will catch on! you get what you pay for :)