Atlus announces Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament for PSP

The Portable Gamer writes:

"Do games like Virtual On, Mech Assault, and Armored Core make you weep with gaming euphoria? Do you enjoy feeling the earth beneath your hulking metal feet tremble as you blast fools directly INTO said earth? Did you eat your Wheaties this morning? Have you heard of a little company called Atlus?

If you answered "YES" to the logical majority of these questions then mark your calendars NOW for Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament."

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CrAppleton3482d ago

Is it me.. or is Atlus cranking out some serious content?

killyourfm3482d ago

Yea, if you're an Atlus fan, plan on draining your wallet beginning next month all the way through the summer.

CrAppleton3482d ago

That's awesome! Considering most other companies take the summer off.. I'm looking forward to this!

Godmars2903482d ago

Well someone has to pick up the slack now that S/E is more into rehashing, promoting the 360 in Japan, that new IP.

CrAppleton3482d ago

I loved the older Armored Core.. also loved Chromehounds on the 360.. looking forward to picking this one up!

bgrundman3482d ago

Who doesn't love a good mech game?

raztad3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Cool, Im looking forward this game. Wanting for more Mecha action after some Rex vs Ray in MGS4 (awesome!!!)

Need to add that the 2009 PSP lineup is kicking some seriuos a$$. Good for my psp, bad for my pocket.

Atlus is really supporting the PS brand. The principle: "Nature hates emptiness" is fully realized here, Atlus (and others) are begining to fulfill SE space.

BlackIceJoe3482d ago

Awesome news Atlus keep up the awesome work. Also great news on seeing more PSP games.

40cal3482d ago

There is a flood of content coming to the PSP this year. Its starting to cut into my PS3 budget.

callahan093482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

When are they (or, I guesss, Irem) going to show us more about Steambot Chronicles 2!?

Solbadguy3482d ago

We need more companies like Atlus for the PSP. Also Nis is just as good. Prinny is sweet!

jams_shop3482d ago

Both Nis and Atlus get my money each they release a game on the PSP.

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