Loot Ninja Review: WWE - Legends of Wrestlemania

LN: "The first thing you will notice is that the roster is deep. Very deep. There are some noticeable omissions, like the Macho Man, but there are still plenty of other wrestlers that you will instantly reminisce with. The character models are superb, almost too good. Andre the Giant looks like he was in the best shape of anyone who ever walked the Earth and Hulk Hogan has a beautiful head of hair. Truth is Andre was obese and Hogan was balding at a young age. What you will notice is the text graphics from Wrestlemanias of old and this is a great touch. You will get the chance to Relive, Rewrite, or Redefine past events."

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drunkpandas3576d ago

The nostalgia factor will only get you so far. Wish they made it a more solid game.

Maybe some day we'll get a game as good as No Mercy or WCW/NWO Revenge back from the N64 days.

fiercescuba3576d ago

The game is fun but not one you are likely to play for an extended period of time.

greyishfox3576d ago

Honestly, the demo could barely draw me in. It was entirely too repetitive if you are using one character, I wouldn't be able to play through on single player.