Ayumi up close

Official X-Blades demo now available for download.

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sunnygrg3576d ago

That is an extremely provocative screenshot. But not as much as her rear a$$ nudity.

Raz3576d ago

It probably should go without saying from your comment; nevertheless, warn us if you're posting NSFW stuff.

..I wonder when genuine H-games are going to start getting published? With a name like X-Blades,'s like looking at softcore porn.

Jsynn73576d ago

I rented this game from Gamefly. If your a hardcore gamer, It's garbage. If your a raging pervert, there's no nudity or sex so you might wanna "self service" yourself with something else. I just needed a break from the FPSs. Now that I've had my break, BACK TO KZ2!!

skip2mylou3576d ago

this is for PC only and it is not off topic. its an okay game. but if u want to get a mod for Ayumi naked their is one out already.

Gambit073576d ago

This game is already on clearance at Target.

skip2mylou3576d ago

really???????? i didnt see it when i went their yesterday. all i saw was Afro Samurai, Sonic Unleashed, Unreal Tourney 3, 007 Quantum of Solace, 2 worlds, SingStar ABBA without MIC, Rock Rev. Disc only, and really old PS2 games. thinking bout 007 but didnt really pick it up

Gambit073576d ago

I saw it in Glendale for $29.99 for the Xbox.