Six Days In Fallujah: Bad Taste?

Phreaky from PS3 Attitude writes:

'Konami recently announced that they will be publishing a game titled "Six days in Fallujah" come next year.

Currently under development by Atomic Games, the new IP chronicles the events of the second battle of Fallujah in 2004 by the U.S. Military. Specifically, gamers will join the 3rd Batallion 1st Marines over a six day period.

The idea originates from a U.S. Marine who returned from the war and decided that he wanted the public to know what had transpired during the operation. Using photos, videos and diaries, Atomic Games are trying to recreate a harrowing period in an ongoing war.

But is this too much?'

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jay23573d ago

No, a game basted on real life events.

phreaky3573d ago

So do you disagree with some in the media saying that this is too soon for a game like this to be made?

There is a point there, but the question is one of freedom of expression versus sensitivity to recent events.

At least that's my take on it.

DolphGB3573d ago

There has to be some sensitivity to what is morally correct and how the populous feel, surely.

You can't just say that because a game is based on real-life events that it is fine to make it. I can't ever imagine a game being based on hijacking and flying planes into the WTC being made, as an extreme example, can you?

Maybe the events in Fallujah don't register on the moral compass as much as 9/11 does... what do you think?

techie3573d ago

I'm not so sure how they can show this in an unbias light.

cc_star3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Re: 1.2
"Maybe the events in Fallujah don't register on the moral compass as much as 9/11 does... what do you think?"

Maybe they don't throughout most of the west, but they certainly would do if you lived in Fallujah.

I'm not sure how I feel about it, if this is done accurately with opinions of both sides portrayed in the game it could be amazing.

America has a has a habit of re-writing things anyway to paint themselves as the forces of good, I wonder if this will game will have a line in the sand (so to speak) where it's possible for the liberators to become the oppressors themselves?

I also wonder if you have to round up innocents, dress them in orange overalls and cart them off illegally to the other side of the world and hold them without trial. Probably not because that would paint America in a dark light, in all likelihood its just going to be another generic FPS this time they've found a new angle to create headlines to help market the game.

phreaky3573d ago

Like I said - sensitivity and caution, and this game could be the first of a new type of game which provides a real insight into life without trivialising things.