Collector's Editions net developers an extra $700K

Collector's Edition releases of games are on the rise in the 7th generation of consoles. While they were far and few between previously, it seems every major title has a Collector's Edition nowadays. The Collector's Editions are often marketed towards the die hard fan, containing art books, soundtracks, figurines and dozens of other goodies that make franchise fanboys squeal in delight. However, the fans aren't the real reason that developers are suddenly releasing more Collector's Editions. Recent research indicates that developers also bank an extraordinary amount on Collector's Editions of games.

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gauntletpython3481d ago

that's a lot of money... i didn't realize there was that much profit behind them.

herkules3481d ago

i figured it was a lot of money but that still made my jaw drop

The Matrix3481d ago

I'm not going to lie, I can't resist getting a collector's edition. It may only have a comic book, figurine and collector's tin that cost the developers $.50 and they charge you $20 more but I just can't resist.

And then they start making Collector's Edition Strategy guides. O_o

[email protected]3481d ago

Well, as a gamestop employed... I have to said:

The sales like hotcakes!!! When gamers (around here) knows that there a Special Editions or Collector Edition they actually switch from the standard to those one on a instant if they don't pre-order it. So, basically BELIEVE ME they sold and very well... sadly even if the content inside of them suck.

Sitdown3481d ago

I feel your pain...I too have an addiction to the Collector's edition......the latest being the ps3 version of SFIV.

IdleLeeSiuLung3480d ago

The key point from the article is that this is 700k extra revenue i.e. sales, not profit. I wonder what the profit is on that, considering CE usually comes with an extra disc with prepared content and some other goodies i.e. keychain at a minimum.

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