GameDaily: Army of Two: The 40th Day Preview

Despite receiving mixed reviews, two million gamers purchased Electronic Arts' Army of Two. That success led to the upcoming sequel, Army of Two: The 40th Day. This time, mercenaries Salem and Rios travel to Shanghai, China, where a rival Private Military Company (PMC) hopes to destroy the city for unexplained reasons. That forces the trash-talking duo to fight both the enemy and disasters to survive.

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GameGambits3484d ago

Glad to see that terrible games bought by idiots keep on trucking.

This game would have to do a complete 180 for it to not be a steaming piece of garbage like the first was. I wish EA serious luck in doing so, because the concept for this game on paper was great, but the end result was putrid.

A great game like Valkyria Chronicles gets stellar reviews, yet no one buys it, but terrible game X AKA Army of Two sells 2 million even with bad reviews out the yin yang.

Too many morons with wallets stuffed with cash supporting these junk titles. Just too many.