IGN: Dragonball: Evolution Review

IGN review Dragonball: Evolution:

"The Dragonball series seems to be as popular as ever, with games still hitting stores in a yearly fashion and selling well, and it has finally spawned a live-action film entitled Dragonball Evolution. Of course, a movie release means that we now have a game based on the movie (which seems somewhat meta). Unfortunately, while the Dragonball games have largely been improving over time, reaching a point nowadays when they can be fun to even non-DBZ fans, Dragonball Evolution is a pile of trash. "

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PirateThom3477d ago

Well deserved.

I was playing Budokai 2 earlier today and upscaled on the PS3 it looks pretty nice and is pretty fun to play still.

Lucreto3477d ago

2/10 it is like they are reviewing the movie.

I will give the movie a go when it appears on BD.

It is scary that fox is planning a sequel to be released next year.

PirateThom3477d ago

Another movie?!


Give it two years and reboot the franchise (yeah, seriously, pretend Evolution never happened) and follow the story a touch closer.

Let's be serious, only fans of the series will see a Dragon Ball movie anyway, so why not appeal to them?

Lucreto3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Its true


edit: Looking at the date it was posted it might be an April fools.

The date is Tuesday 31 March 2009 11:18 pm. But there is no story saying it was a joke a week on.

I am a dragonball fan until they stopped showing it on Cartoon Network in the UK. They moved it to another cartoon network channel in the middle of the Boo saga and I haven't see it since. That was at least 7 years ago. :(

I saw 2 episodes of GT in the US on holidays but nothing since.

PirateThom3477d ago

I've been watching the Uncut episodes again on

It's still pretty entertaining, especially when you remember the events and see them in their original form.

Lotard33477d ago

Actually, I believe James Marsteres (something like that), the guy who plays Piccolo, said that he wanted to do 6 sequels. Seems kinda dumb though. If you can't get it right on the first movie, why would any of the other 6 be any better? Then again, I've yet to see the movie.

SaiyanFury3477d ago

Wow. A movie-based game that scored poorly? Huh, I never would've thought. Not.

Tito Jackson3477d ago

and the game sucked harder. i wish fox would stop using their Searchlight studio for action movies since its a rarity for something GOOD to come out of it.

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infamous_273477d ago

So hows the Shin Budokai game on PSP?

Immortal Kaim3477d ago

Thanks for tainting one of the most adored anime's in history, with your crappy movie and game...

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The story is too old to be commented.