GameCritics Review: Hammerin'Hero

GameCritics writes:

"Besides the comfortably familiar gameplay, the first thing anyone will notice about Hammerin' Hero is that it's just so damned cute. The characters, the enemies, even the stages themselves... it's all totally adorable. Adding to the kawaii factor is Gen's penchant for changing his outfit. Although he starts out as a construction worker, other costumes are soon earned, each one with its own set of weaponry and attacks. (The sushi chef was a personal favorite.) Half the fun of the game is just seeing what Gen will be next.

Right in line with the art design and costume switching is the fact that each stage takes place in a completely different and irreverent location. It's clear that this game doesn't want to be taken seriously, and I was only too glad to participate in its pleasant madness. From the bottom of the sea to a haunted house, from a major league baseball game all the way to outer space."

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