NintendoLife Review: Captain Rainbow

NintendoLife writes:

"While it's hardly the deepest experience on the Wii, Captain Rainbow is one of the most bizarre games Nintendo has published in ages. From the game's wacky graphics to the unique gameplay, Captain Rainbow has plenty going for it. The language barrier presents something of an issue, and it's worth bearing in mind that the game hasn't been confirmed for a release outside of Japan, and may never be localized because of some of the content. Most of the game's characters are of Japanese origin and have never seen the light of day in North America, which obviously causes some problems. However, Nintendo has taken a chance on quirky games before, so we can always hope for a worldwide release. In the meantime, if you're lucky enough to own a Japanese Wii then you should certainly try this out."

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The image uploaded for this article is from Arc Rise Fantasia :D .

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