ZTGD Review: The Godfather II

ZeroTolerance writes: Being part of a family is important. Knowing that you have someone to cover your back when you need it is a great feeling. No other film in history has instilled the importance of family values quite like the saga of the Corleone family. Electronic Arts has once again returns to their mob simulator for a second outing, and just like the movies the second time is certainly the charm. Instead of focusing efforts on creating a game that mimics other sandbox titles, the team at EA Redwood took the time to create an experience that holds true to the source material, while still delivering a great experience that makes you feel like a member of the Corleone family. While it still isn't perfect, Godfather II is leaps and bounds above the first game, and one of the most engaging titles I have played all year.

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gamesR4fun3479d ago

another gta rip but still hella fun graphics r good tho it looks a little less polished than gta4 gameplays solid n a lot more engaging than gta4 was. lots of over the top violence n boobs galore 2 boot XD

ThatCanadianGuy3479d ago

Yeah i bought it yesterday too.Not as fun as i thought it would be, but im enjoying it so far.

DlocDaBudSmoka3479d ago

the review @ only rated this a 5.5/10.

DlocDaBudSmoka3479d ago

at least thats what gamepro thinks. An interesting tidbit though, GP site is covered with ads for the godfather 2. Make of that what u will, i just find it odd, but then again not really.

ZeroTolerance3479d ago

This game is certainly a love it or hate it affair. I talked with a few other reviewers and it was totally mixed. There seems to be no common ground. Personally I had a blast with the game, whereas someone else felt it was mediocre. All a matter of opinion, which is why multiple reviews and demos are good.