Prototype Release Date Officially Announced

Prototype, the upcoming shape-shifting sandbox action title from Activision, has an official street date! The game will be out in Europe on June 5, and it will hit a few days later in North America on June 9.

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Pennywise3789d ago

InFamous and Prototype around the same time... What to do, what to do?

lloyd_wonder3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Wait for reviews?

Both look good in there own regard. Dunno. Seems June is getting pretty packed; inFamous, Prototype, Batman, Red Faction, and more.

Karum3789d ago

You'll have to lock yourself away in a room for a while.

Although they haven't announced a specific date for inFAMOUS yet have they? They just said it will be June, will maybe be the end of June imo.

madk3789d ago

I'd expect late June just so they can get a bit more E3 buzz.

ikiru33853789d ago

Do the smart thing and get them both. :-)

Coheno3789d ago

I'm going for InFamous, just appeals to me more! Prototype just seems a bit wierd for me with all the splitting people apart and transforming and stuff...wierd!

jaybdemented3789d ago

you cant lose, InFamous or Prototype. i have to go with Prototype. it just looks way better.

ChampIDC3789d ago

Well, at least 360 owners don't have to make the choice between these 2 open world games. I don't think I could choose either if I had a PS3.

himdeel3789d ago for me Infamous and Batman. I'll get prototype later. $120 for two games if I don't trade anything in isn't horrible but not great either. I'm optimistic all three games Infamous, Batman, and Prototype will be good games.

chaosatom3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

prototype seems a lot like Hulk, and destroy all humans. Just not my kind of game, but I'll wait for some reviews.

edit: Dude Spike47, i didn't mean to copy your statement. I just said what I had in mind, and it matched exactly what you said. I never even looked at your statement before writing mine. my bad.

sonarus3789d ago

lol smart move releasing before infamous. Probably gonna get both though but infamous combat + platforming has me sold 100%

morganfell3789d ago

Just realize that as a PS3 owner you actually have a choice.

redsquad3788d ago

I'll be getting INFAMOUS first. Not only do I like the look of it more, but given such a 'close race' I'll usually tend to lean towards the exclusive as I expect it to be a bit more polished.
I'll get PROTOTYPE further down the line, maybe when it's cheaper.

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Spike473789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I'm gonna buy Infamous, just because Prototype looks a lot like Destroy All Humans and Hulk Ultimate Destruction which were both fun but got old extremely fast. Infamous has a very nice karma system going on with cleaner graphics.

By the way, the ability to change into another person in Prototype is cool, but there is almost no fun reason to use it. EDIT: EXACTLY, NO "FUN REASON" TO USE IT. Unless you are doing missions, there is no reason to use it.

Ghoul3789d ago

" but there is almost no fun reason to use it."

well you dont know that yet do you ?

ChampIDC3789d ago

Somehow, I think it'll be easier to infiltrate a military base if you're disguised as a high ranking officer. There's one use already. I'm sure there's more.

Mr_Bun3789d ago

Prototype reminds me of a cross between Terminator 2 and Spawn...I am leaning towards that one

nycredude3789d ago

Protype developers made hulk.

Infamous developers made the sly cooper series..

Hmmm... Infamous it is.

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bob saget remix3789d ago

It just looks better to me.

Daz3789d ago

i get both becuase they both look fun and thats what counts.

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