NintendoLife Preview: Puzzle Bobble

NintendoLife writes:

"The basic menu presentation is a bit lacking and the music isn't as catchy as the music in Bubble Bobble Wii, but the in-game backgrounds are nice space scenes with constellations and crystals and the game itself looks and plays well. I would like to have seen the full cast of crazy characters from Puzzle Bobble 2-4 in the Battle Mode with the accompanying story, so I'd still like to see emulated versions of the Puzzle Bobble arcade games, and given that a four-player version of Puzzle Bobble has appeared on the Dreamcast -- and the presence of four-player play in Bubble Bobble Wii -- limiting Battle Mode to two-players seems odd. Those issues aside, my Puzzle Bobble fix has been provided. Cheers, Taito!"

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