Gaming Age: Monsters vs. Aliens Review

Gaming Age writes: "All together, I found Monsters vs. Aliens to be a fun game, something that could easily appeal to adults and kids alike, whether you were a fan of the film or not. The gameplay is addictive, great to sit down and play in short bursts, and there's plenty of unlockable content to keep you busy after you've finished the main story. The game itself is even surprisingly lengthy, so it won't be something the kid's are going to toss on the shelf and never play again after a week. There are even co-op levels included to get two players in on the fun, along with specific abilities and powers designed to make use of those stages. Monsters vs. Aliens is definitely worth checking out, and I hope people are willing to give it a shot despite being a movie tie-in".

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UK1012UK3783d ago

This sounds ok the PS3 needs some more decent family titles we just end up playing LBP all the time.