Nielsen: Wii Has Lowest User Activity

Edge Online reports that Nielsen's State of the Video Gamer study, released Tuesday, demonstrates that Wii owners use their console less than Xbox 360 and PS3 owners.

The research firm said Wii owners used their consoles 6.8 percent of the total amount of time that they could have used the system during Nielsen's measurement period during December 2008.

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rbluetank3785d ago

there are very few good games on the Wii and a piss poor online service does not help their cause!!!

Mr_Bun3785d ago

Not to mention very few online games.

*In before the "Wii sold a kazillion units...sales, sales, sales" comments

SaiyanFury3785d ago

It's a decent system, but most gamers on the system don't bother with the mediocre online system. I give the Wii all of my blessings, but that alone doesn't govern usage.

peeps3785d ago

I'm sure some people do play the wii like they would any other console, but for the most part it's a 'party system' a bit like guitar hero in the sense that it's not something you play all the time, but have a few mates round and it's the first thing you put in.

anh_duong3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

i use my wii to keep my ps3 from feeling lonely whenever the xbox is off for repairs..

that is why i will always recommend buying all three consoles. ps360wii ftw.

Anon19743785d ago

I was out getting coffee the morning Wii's went on sale, saw the lineup wasn't that bad and said "What the hell."
Picked up my launch Wii with Raving Rabbits and Zelda, had some fun with Wii Sports but after almost two years I'd only played it for a handful of hours. My wife couldn't stand the thing. We added that Wario game, Mario Galaxy, Metroid, SSX Blur, Zak and Wiki and Medal of Honor and still couldn't force ourselves to play it over the PS3.

Hated the controls. Just hated them. Neither my wife nor I could stand playing games with the controller pointed at the screen like a tv remote. Wiggling a controller around isn't fun.

A co-worker was trying to get his wife into gaming and was asking my opinions and helping him out get everything he needed just before this last Christmas and I finally said "Hell. I'll sell you mine. God knows I'm not using it." He took it off my hands and his family had fun with it over the Christmas break. I understand they haven't touched it for months now.

IdleLeeSiuLung3785d ago

Pretty obvious conclusion, but I'm suprised that it isn't trailing further behind considering their demographics.

SaiyanFury3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

@ Darkride

I hear you man. My wife dragged me all over the place for weeks trying to hunt down a Wii. We live out in the country so going into town is 45 miles away, so you can imagine how much I loved that. She finally broke down and bought one of those "deals" that included like 3 games or something. Happy Feet and a couple of others she sold off to Gamestop to buy Zelda. As of December 2006, she has a grand total of maybe 10 games. And that's a strong maybe. The last game she played, and enjoyed no less, was Okami. She put a healthy amount of time into playing it, perhaps something along the lines of 40 hours. That was 6 months ago. Her Wii has been collecting dust for at least half a year now. My PS3, on the other hand is turned on several hours every day. Lately I'm rocking out the ever-awesome Demon's Souls, and watching streaming video to it. I tried the Wii. I bought myself Tenchu: Shadow Assassins but I was never really comfortable playing it just because the controller was so alien to me. I'm a longtime veteran of the series, been playing it since the original back on the PS1. But it just never felt right and a lot of the time the Wiimote wouldn't respond to input, where I'd subsequently get discovered by the enemy. I recently picked it up for my PSP and it feels MUCH more natural. I guess 20+ years of gaming with a normal controller has ingrained me.

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Mr_Bun3785d ago

Who is surprised by this?

Mindboggle3785d ago

I own a Ps3 and a Wii. I play my Ps3 everyday, whereas I play my Wii probably for an hour every 2 weeks, if that. I only recently started getting back into it after about 6 months not even turning it on.

heroicjanitor3785d ago

I have a wii and a ps3 I had to actually go find the wii and clear a lot of dust from it(found it on the wardrobe) when I got madworld. My ps3 is played all day every day(I have 4 brothers).

Razzy3785d ago

IMO I believe the Wii spends quite a bit of time in the kids closet or under the kids bed.

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lloyd_wonder3785d ago

More surprised at the fact the PS3 and 360 are so close in "active user percentages."

I guess after Halo and Gears, what's left to play?

iceice1233785d ago

Lets ignore PSN being free.

PotNoodle3785d ago

So people have their PS3 turned on more because PSN is free? :|

PirateThom3785d ago

Icewake obviously just completely ignoring the article.

It's total use, not just online use.

Mr_Bun3785d ago

In Icewake's defense....the comment section has more pictures, catering to his short attention span.

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peeps3785d ago

I may look like an idiot here haha but how bad is some of the grammar in this article!? e.g. "Wii also was last in terms of daily average" should this not be 'Wii was also last...'

Just thought I'd point it out :p

Ghoul3785d ago

normal usecase of a wii.

- you seen the wii in action (friend store etc.) and you are impressed so you buy one together with some games.

- you invite friends and show them the "cool" wii, you play around bwoling and tennis and that leaves them so impressed that...

- they walk to the next store and buy a wii too with some games, they invite friends, etc. etc.

- after some months and probably some very lackluster games later people just dont use theyre wiis anymore, until...

- the balanceboard comes out and promises a whole alot of fun and you can loose weight.

- 100 bucks later and 2 weeks they its as boring as the rest of the wii.

sorry that my honest opinion, the wii is getting worse every month passing by with those awefull cheap minigames. so far i have only seen 4 great games worth a purchase. Mario galaxy, zelda, madworld, nomore heroes.

BeNice3785d ago

Everyone seems to have missed this little tidbit. I know its nice as soon as you get something to slam the wii everyone jumps on it to prove its a casual not interesting system. Evn such publications as edge. Its sad frankly. wHAT DO THEY DO JUST READ THE FIRST PAGE?

"Looking at the total usage minutes across all consoles for 2008, PlayStation 2
with the largest installed base still leads all other consoles. However both the PlayStation 2 and
PlayStation 3 usage minutes are both trending down for the year. Xbox usage minutes are also
trending down for 2008. The Xbox 360, Wii and GameCube usage minutes are trending upward."

So people are using their ps3 and ps2 less and less and the wii usage is increasing.Hmmm....interesting .

Hutch23553785d ago

That is exactly what happened to me, went to a friends house and thougth wow bowling is so cool. Went out and bought one and wii play, galaxy, cart, and a couple of others. I play every once in a while with my wife or my niece for like 20 minutes and then get board. I have a few friends that did the same.

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