Alien Syndrome on Wii could look better

CVG write:

"Here are some new screens of Sega's Alien Syndrome and we have to say, it's not looking as good as we'd hoped.

Alien Syndrome couldn't sound more exciting on paper - you play as space commander as fight aliens and giant mech bosses in huge spaceships and alien planets.

Sega says the game will combine fast-paced si-fi action with an RPG-style quest that will allow for two players to play co-operatively through 15 lengthy missions. These missions will be packed with over 100 different types of enemy to battle, and numerous side-quests to explore."

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ItsDubC4325d ago

Not only is the link incorrect, but the screenshots posted by CVG for Alien Syndrome seem incorrect. One of the screenshots shows controls for PS/PS2/PS3. See for yourself: