Banjo finally gets its add-on with lots of new challenges

LOG's Lost Challenges, the Nuts & Bolts add-on released finally today on the Xbox Live Marketplace, comes with major offerings inside: seven new multiplayer modes, a dozen of extra challenges that take place in the Test-O-Track, the exciting return of Hero Klungo Sssavesss Teh World with new levels, and 250 gamerpoints in form of new achievements. And all of it for just 400 Microsoft Points.

You must admit that, whether you liked Nuts & Bolts or not, this is clearly what can be considered as a big bargain.

Besides, if you are a Gold user of Xbox Live, today you can also get for free a new collection of Banjo gamerpics. And if all of this wasn't enough, check out the splendid aspect of the new Banjo-Tooie theme coming next Friday 10th April for 250 Microsoft Points!

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