PSU : The Godfather II Review

We weren't surprised in the slightest to learn that EA's Redwood Studios houses the development teams for both 'The Sims' and 'The Godfather II,' because there's something very "Sim-like" about EA's latest game in the Godfather franchise. The foundations laid down by 'The Godfather' are still here, with the main objective being to swell your power in the criminal underworld by gaining control of local businesses and illegal rackets through violence and extortion. The pace of the game has softened, however. Things have taken a step back somewhat, and now your ability to succeed is dictated by how well you manage your resources just as much as your use of sheer brutality and firepower. A significant proportion of time is now spent flicking through the menus, organizing your crime family, upgrading their skills and using the new 3D map to plot your next move – a host of new features that advance the series from the repetitive gun-play of the original.

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