Killzone 2 Vs SOCOM: Confrontation

GameWOPR takes a look at both KZ2 and SOCOM: Confrontation across several categories to see who comes out on top overall.

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CaseyRyback_CPO3787d ago

What happened to the gaming news? I mean.. at least we would have something interesting to discuss. Its kinda dead.

mugoldeneagle033787d ago

Confrontation is an Online only game, so obviously it's going to have more features/upside to the online portion of the comparison.

Confrontation > Killzone 2 - Online
Killzone 2 > Confrontation - Overall Value

I'd give the edge to Killzone 2 online if they had a more robust ranking system, but it lacks depth. Ribbons, Medals and the Valor system can't pick up the slack for everything...

Hitman_Legend3787d ago

I own both of these games, I bought them both on release day, Killzone 2 a few days earlier. There should not even be a question as to which game is more superior because it is without a doubt Killzone 2. The way they released Socom Confrontation was absolutely ridiculous, just for that it loses automatically since it being a multiplayer only game, the condition it was released in was very, very poor and not even functional. Slant 6 only had multiplayer to focus on and they could not even do that right, originally the game lagged even when you were browsing through menus how ridiculous is that, but I the last time I played it seems that been corrected for the most part in a patch. I haven't bothered to play in a while so I don't know what it is like right now but Killzone 2's launch was phenomal. Servers worked great and it's fun as hell.

Pennywise3787d ago

I know its a slow day, but LOL.

taco_tom2373787d ago

such a dumb article y would anybody compare them

heyheyhey3787d ago

it's comparing the online components.. which i reckon is fair enough

iSpx3xExdY3787d ago

I Think socom is way better by far
i haven't played Kz2 online so idk its Online play
But Confrontation Started out as a One Day of Play Video Game but its Slowly progressing to be one of th best Ps3 shooters there is...........,But thts my Opinion

taco_tom2373787d ago

even though its ur opinion people will disagree with u......i like kz2 better

Pennywise3787d ago

How can you compare online of one game to single player of another?

KZ is more action packed and chaotic, socom is tactical. KZ is FPS and Socom is TPS. Can you really compare any further than your taste in game play?

Avenged Sevenfold3787d ago

You can't say Socom is better than Killzone 2 online because you haven't played KZ2 online. Your statement fails. I have Killzone 2. The online is great, but I still like CoD4 more. I still have to try SOCOM? Well, back to KZ2. :)

pixelsword3787d ago

...the ears on one supermodel with the elbows of the other and then asking: "which one has better breasts?"

Compare 3rd person shooters with other 3rd person shooters

SOCOM:C. with MGO with Gears 2 with Warhawk would be much better.

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The story is too old to be commented.