Outrage Over Konami's New Game 'Six Days in Fallujah'

Konami's upcoming FPS titled 'Six Days in Fallujah' already received complaints from veterans of the war. It might be a bad idea for Konami to release a FPS game on a on-going war at this time when families and friends are still fighting over there in Iraq.

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phosphor1123792d ago

people complaining about the dogs in COD [email protected] and PETA complaining about killing animals in WoW. They are completely legitimate. They are based on actual events or necessary events to lead up to something (like killing and skinning an animal for leather). This kind of stupidity makes me mad.

chaosatom3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

i don't think making a videogame about a war should be taken so offensively. It's just a videogame. It's based on reality, but it is still fiction.

Also, we know nothing about the game. I am biased towards it, but I guess some Iraqi people might object to it. But mostly, nobody would care that much, since it's just a videogame.

I know that videogame industry is big in US, but it's not so much in thrid world countries like Iraq and not a lot of people would have a 360 or ps3, so they wouldn't really know about this game.

RememberThe3573792d ago

They have to do it right. If they make this corny or too arcadey, it will be offensive on a number of levels. They need to get this right, I cannot stress that enough.

Kushan3792d ago

As long as this game is realistic, nitty and gritty and makes you see the horror of war, I have no problem with it what so ever.

Prototype3792d ago

I swear these days people whine and complain about everything, I have friends over there and I'd still give the game a shot - just because its over real events doesn't make it a bad game or a game worth banning.

But its perfectly ok to make CoD Modern warfare and that's about the same calibur...

XLiveGamer3792d ago
1.4 - "This game its going to be a controversial one"

Tony P3792d ago

I can understand, it's probably too soon and will offend or possibly hurt the people still living with wounds, both physical and emotional, from the war. Call it whiny, but you might have second thoughts about a game that portrayed the death of a family member.

On the other hand, I think it's too soon to say the game will "glorify" or "glamorize" what went on there. As long as it doesn't take too many liberties with the truth, I won't have any problems with it. Given that an actual veteran of that war had the first ideas for it, I think Atomic has a very good chance of doing just that.

But I honestly can't say whether the game should be made or not.

prunchess3792d ago

If anyone is in doubt, google 'Fallujah' and 'White Phosphorus'. (the pictures of what the Americans did is not pretty)

COD MW was still a fantasy game. I wont purchase this game. Konami should know better.

indysurfn3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Just look at these comments! So you think that just because something happened in real life, it makes it okay to have fun ENJOYING it.

Okay if that is true it would be true if it is someone you care for, or don't care for.

Todays first word-hypocricy!
Which one of you will play a game that you get to see your sister killed by a muslim? OPs was that your mom too? Which one of you would ENJOY watching Jesus get killed? Which of you would ENJOY flying a plane into the twin towers? Sega had to cancel a game because American would be offended by planes flying into builings because WE DID COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. Now it is okay because it's just Muslims. Now it is 'STUPID' to complain, because it is JUST Muslims. Yeah that's what I thought HYPOCRITES.

Todays second word-sadistic
The word sadistic is enjoying someone else's suffering. Just like Satan does, hench the word sadistic. Which one of you will enjoy watching your relative die of cancer, come on it's real right? We can just make a medical game out of it you get extra blood and screams if you break the niddle off in them!

Todays third word-reptilian..ops..republica n
And no I'm not a Muslim. I'm just not a far right wing republican douche bag like you are. Which one of you so called christains would say any of this crap to Jesus? You know who is proud of these things: The evil one, the god this world, The one called satan, and devil, lucifer, beilzabube, the firey colored dragon, the serpent, the one that likes to crawl around on his belly. Yeah that is the one that approves of your attitude, that is the one that made the world a mess. Last time I checked god said woe if he returns and finds you beating your fellow slaves. And to all you lapdogs, that are selling out to him, AND HIS WAYS. I would hope one day you would walk in the way of Jesus.

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jay23792d ago

Well, don't buy it then.

mugoldeneagle033792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

But get over it people.

You don't see veterans going after film makers because they try to re-enact their story as true as possible, they don't think game developers do the same?

And where were these arguments during the early Medal of Honor and Call of Duty titles?

Why does it seem that people are offended more easily this generation than last...I don't understand that

EDIT: This was supposed to be a seperate comment, not a response to you jay2

DragonWarrior_43792d ago

Its because people are soft compared to how they used to be. Everyone is sheltered, even alot of criminals. Most of these people couldn't survive in this world 50 years ago when millions were dying during the holocaust. Just imagine if these people tried to live in midevil times?

Heldrasil3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Yes, but society and the way we live changes constantly. Turn it around and the same could be said for the people who lived "medieval" (the accurate spelling) times, they wouldn't last 5 minutes in our time..."What is the internet?" and "Why do I need computer skills for a present time job?"

Could you live in Medieval times? Could I? Hardly....
Our present day "inoculations" wouldn't be there and we would be dead by 30.

Lotard33792d ago

I couldn`t live in medieval times. People pooped in pots back then, not toilets.

-EvoAnubis-3792d ago

This is idiotic. So Hollywood can give their take on the current war, but the gaming industry can't? Screw that.

xabmol3792d ago

We've been seeing a lot of this as of late.

macalatus3792d ago

I'm in no way subscribing to this argument, and merely playing "devil's advocate", but the difference between movies and video games is that video games are "participatory entertainment" in contrast to the movies' "passive entertainment".

For example, it's a well-known historical fact that Soviet troops committed wide-spread rape of German women during their final assault on Nazi Germany. Sure, it's ok to put that into the movies, but incredibly distasteful if your Soviet character in COD: World at War commits the same thing since you are the one doing it.

arakouftaian3792d ago

and i belive all games based in real life its not good or movies , anyways all this is controled by the ones who makes all this war are the same ones who make all this movies or games.
people stop been ignorant...

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