Blast Factor PS3 Review: The Answer to Geometry Wars?

There is little Blast Factor can do to escape comparisons to Geometry Wars. This gaudy neon dual-stick shooter sees you battling rapidly spawning hordes in an enclosed area, and is a key release for the new PlayStation Network service. On a surface level at least, everything about it sounds like Sony's answer to the irresistible Xbox LIVE shooter.

In a plot not far removed from the basis of Rez, you must pilot your microscopic G18 Nanite Interceptor deep into biological material. Dwarfed even by the tiny craft of Inner Space, you are injected into increasingly complicated cells which make up the seven worlds of this chaotic shooter, each ending with a boss battle.

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highps34759d ago

I thought it would have sucked but was actually pretty fun much like Geo Wars.

However I still give it to Geo Wars because that game was insane at the higher numbers...

The Snake4759d ago

This game may be similar to GW (same genre) but it's almost the same as a lesser known XBLA title called Mutant Storm. For example, this game has actual levels. Comparing this game to GW is like comparing Call of Duty to Quake. Yeah, they're the same genre, but I'd rather compare COD to Medal of Honor.