Top 5 PSN Games You May Have Missed writes:

"Following up our Top 5 PS3 Games You May Have Missed, is our list of PSN titles, that for some reason or another, many people have missed, but really shouldn't have. After your done reading this list, make sure to check them out."

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Sev4291d ago

The new PlayStationLifeStyle is coming next week.

We are relaunching with a new look, new features, and a new attitude.

Make sure to bookmark us, and keep checking back for the new site.

TheHater4291d ago

I had your site bookmark since it was first launch about a year ago. Back when you guys were doing the inside info stuff before developers got piss at you guys. Ahhh good times...good times

Sev4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

Good times, and bad.

We still have some great contacts, and we are working on revealing something soon, just trying to go through the proper channels to get an ok.

Thanks for bookmarking us, we won't let you down... Just wait until you see the new site. :)

butterfinger4291d ago

PSN has a large amount of solid downloads, but you definitely hit on some hidden gems. I feel like a lot of people have forgotten about Everyday Shooter and Calling All Cars.

TheHater4291d ago

I hope you guys new site have an actual login system. Oh and I hope you guys get through so you can reveal that content to us :)

Sev4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

Yep, login system, complete with user points like our beloved N4G. We actually hired the designer who designed N4G, and Gametrailers...

We are even allowing user submitted articles...

We really have a lot in store for everyone come next week. I hope to see you all there.

Panipal20054291d ago

Promising a new redesigned site...promising game reveals (remember last time with Hardware 2?)...I know what's going to happen, next week people click to PS LIEstyle and find themselves hit with a big ol' 404! Just like VG Tilt all over again!

For Siligon1512 this would be a most excellent way of punking people, although, with no site how will he be able to amuse himself further by banning and deleting people who don't like being punked?

Panipal20054291d ago

Even if the new PS LIEstyle happens, the 'new game reveal' will not. Siligon1512's already as good as told you that. 'Going through official channels to get the ok' = the excuse he'll use when he disappoints people again by not revealing a blessed thing. As he has no intention of doing. Because he's got nothing.

Blatant lying to get more hits.

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GWAVE4291d ago

Everyday Shooter is quite cool. It's very musical.

I still say that Wipeout HD is the best deal for ANY console download. $20 for one of the best-looking and most fully-fledged racing games on the market. Can't pass that up.

Sev4291d ago

We didn't choose Wipeout HD, because not a lot of people missed it...

However it sure is a great game, especially for the price.

Gambit074291d ago

@Sev: Wasn't the HVB one of the top selling games of '08? if I remember correctly 2nd most downloaded after Pain.

Phoenix83874291d ago

WipEout HD is a definitely a great game and a great deal. But life Sev said, not so many people missed out of it life they did others.

I definitely agree with Everyday Shooter. It's such a great [and hard] game, but it never really got the respect it deserved in the number of downloads.

Rianor4291d ago

I agree 100% about Everyday Shooter, i absolutely loved that game, it's a shame it didn't sell exceptionally well.

LinuxGuru4291d ago

I need to give WipEout HD a go.

Sev4291d ago

They really should patch it to include trophy support. That and a price drop would make that game sell a ton of downloads.

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BigPete79784291d ago

I definitely agree with the Blast Factor and Everyday Shooter. Blast Factor was one of the first games that I bought when I got my PS3. It's still a blast IMO. Everyday Shooter is quite fun as well, a little too hard for me though.

Dark General4291d ago

I need to get Everyday shooter. In fact i was meaning to get it when i brought Flower recently. I'll definitely make sure to pick it up the next time i pick up a PSN card. Glad to see Echochrome made the cut as well. It's my favorite PSN downloadable title.

gersh4291d ago

Not such a blast to me. I found the game to be very boring.

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