Is Sony too late (again) with the PSP 2?

The iPhone and iPod touch are carving out such deep trenches in mobile gaming, and the new DS is getting so much default-love, that Sarcastic Gamer is afraid Sony may have waited a year too long to hit with their next handheld console. Remind you of any other marketing plans-gone-awry?

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wolf13063785d ago

no , they are not late, and they are way better then the kids Nintendo DS and the not even gaming iphone

DERKADER3785d ago

The hand held gaming market is mainly made up of casual gamers and children. Most adults have cell phones and no need to carry around a bulky single function gaming device. I loved my PSP but got rid of it as soon as i got an iPhone because it did everything the PSP did and more and was always with me because it's a phone. I have yet meet some one who always has a DS or PSP with them when ever they go out. Portable gaming is becoming more and more youth oriented. The PSP is trying to reach a market that is becoming less interested in handheld gaming.

LoVeRSaMa3785d ago

A Year late, where have I heard this before?

oh wait.. and PS3s current position I would say is stable and building steam.

Lateness as the artical claims is to be a problem?
Sony are masters at alloking at the market and making big changes in there products for the long run, Apple/Nintendo have done all the research and if the PSP2 is true, then I believe it will be packed with Everything positive from the products on offer now.

my 2cents ofc.

SL1M DADDY3785d ago

I certainly hope so. For the PSP to sell 10 million units per year sure doesn't seem to bad to me, especially for the price and lack of titles.

Sharpshell3785d ago

Becoming more youth oriented? It has always been youth oriented, the PSP is the first atempt to make an adult oriented handheld.

Also, the iphone is hardly the equivilant to PSP in terms of games, be serious

BUT your point is well taken that only children cary a handheld around with them, but obv bring your phone everywhere...which is why I want the psp2 if it ever exists to be like hte opposite of an Iphone: a game system that ALSO has a phone, if they snub the gaming aspect I'll be pissed

In the meantime Ill continue to take my PSP with me everytime I go on a trip or anticipate waiting around (doctors office etc.)

Oh btw I'm 21, do I count as an adult?

FPShooter3785d ago

I see your point but I think its all depends on the person. I have the Android G1 by GooGle and I still carry my psp along with me most of the time simply because I feel like the PSP has higher quality games, and the can connect with my PS3.

heroicjanitor3785d ago

What's with these articles pretending anyone gives two f*cks about the iphone as a gaming platform? It's a phone with itunes on it to most people, so these desperate attempts to convince people otherwise get very annoying

Ghoul3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

the incredible sales the psp has achieved and the lack of any current "nextgen" handheld, i would assume any normal minded person would come the conclusion that theyre are perfectly well in timing with the psp2


The psp has alot of games has a very nice update history, skype remote play etc, so i cant put the iphone in the same league as long as apple has atleast some fullprice games.

GWAVE3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

The PSP is awesome, and so is the DS. Handhelds have 75% of the best games on the market right now (IMO). I'm definitely getting the DSi and when a new PSP eventually comes out, I'll buy that, too.

The PSP haters need to give some respect. PSP is the first non-Nintendo handheld to do reasonably well in direct competition to a Nintendo handheld. 50 million worldwide sales for the PSP is fantastic. Why trash it? It's a great system.

And let's be serious: would you rather play games on the iTouch or the PSP? Arkanoid and Artillery clones on the iTouch...or God of War, Monster Hunter, and Ratchet&Clank on the PSP? What would gamers choose? Show me one respectable RPG on the iTouch. Show me one respectable action-adventure game (a la GoW:Chains of Olympus) on the iTouch. Show me one respectable open-world game on the iTouch.

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Kyur4ThePain3785d ago


Look, I play games on my iPod touch, but the only reason I do is because they are either free or almost free and available for download right from where I sit.
Will that ever take the place of my mobile gaming on the PSP? Nope.

batman2million3785d ago

I agree. Iphone/Ipod are good if you have em on you. But it's gonna hold up against the hardcore gamer.

wolf13063785d ago

"The iPhone and iPod touch are carving out such deep trenches in mobile gaming"

wait a minute , i am shivering, can't breath right...oh hold on my psp is shivering and sweating too , OH NO ,its only laughing hard .......the psp is the king of all handheld and thats it.

WIIIS13785d ago

If PSP is king, you must be the royal jester.

leeger3785d ago

the iphone and ipod touch is not a gaming device primarily, its a musicplayer/phone which you have an option to play games.

solidjun53785d ago

As if they are trying to validate the legitimacy of the article.
How is it too late? I don't get it. It's constantly in the top 3 in Japan and for a system that challenged Nintendo, I would say it's doing fine. So why rush with the PSP2. Even if it's announce it this year, why is considered "too late"?

Oh well, things people to talk about I guess.

Socomer 19793785d ago

what trenches?
whos shooting?
wheres my gun?
I need a helmet.

like some really smart dude said on n4g:
Nobody buys a iphone/itouch for games. it just happens to have games
for cheap.

oh sarcastic gamer?
Go pop a pimple nerd nobody is going to your site to argue this.

Sharpshell3785d ago

dude that made me laugh so hard! bubble! I'm going to think of that everytime fanboys start making sales charts into some kind of war stat...LOL

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