Xbox Live Maintenance Downtime

Xbox Live will be unavailable on Tuesday 27 June for a period of four hours as a result of server maintenance during that time.

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HyperBear5934d ago

It happend to me. I wanted to play COD2 on Xbox Live, and when I went to sign in, it wouldnt let me, and said server is currently offline. So I went onto the website to see if I couls sign into my account there and it wouldnt let me. This all happend at 2:30am PT. Also, if anyone experienced it, and went to the website, in the top right hand corner where it usually has your gamertag, gamerpoints, etc. and the sign-in button right next to it, you'd notice that it was taken off the website. So yea, something was happening in that 4 hours, but what?

joemutt5933d ago

Chromehounds would be nice too, there are a few others I cant think of, but expect some new items on the Marketplace.

FamoAmo5933d ago

Chromhounds, Prey Demo now damnit!!