The Others: Anonymous Fanboy Nobodies

OXCGN Reports: Gamers are a passionate bunch. However, just like moonlight to the proverbial cursed pirate, gamers' action on that passion tends to wane once exposed to the elements. Comments and forum posts abound, we take aim and fire with no hesitation, while real life with all it's fleshy realness tends to weaken our resolve and show what's under those ragged clothes.

Fanboyists are one such extreme sect of gamers always feared and ever present.

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XboxOZ3603792d ago

We get labeled as a fanboy site simply because we chose to concentrate on one platform. But those that do call us that seem to miss thefact we play both Sony and Xbox games as well as PC, Wii, PSP and even DS games.

We write game impressions of those games from other platforms because we like Gaming", not because we want to rubbish the other platform. We now get invited to other console events because of that.

Yet that does not deter the ardent fanboy who simply sees the Xbox sign and automatically rubbishes anything that is printed/published within.

Sad thing is, if they read some of the information, they may actually learn something. SOme of ouyr best supporters are mature Sony fans. The site does not tolerate any fanboyism at all. If someone makes a derogatory comment, it'll never be published. Call that censorship if you will, but I'll not subject OXCGN's readers to abuse of any kind.

If that means losing readers, then those are the readers we do not want at all on the site. The ethos seems to be working, as OXCGN has risen from 26th millionths globally in mid December 08 to 175,567 on Alexa's global site statistics ranking.

I've even had some fanboys claim that I am too old to know what I'm talking about (cough cough) and that why am I working with kids . . Seems they forget that a huge % of those in the industry are above 20, and many about the 45 - 50yr mark.

XboxOZ3603792d ago

Bubbles to you FerretWithASpork , it matters not what platform you like or support. If you're a"gamer" it's of little consequence really. You have simply chosen one over the others, for whatever reasons, but you (a real gamer) loves games per-se . . .

We (OXCGN) prides itself on being flexible and open enough to see games as how they were meant too be seen. A hobby and something to enjoy ans share. OXCGN was even told by one MAJOR game ranking site that if we wanted to be part of their system, we had to dump the few reviews we do on PS3 or iPhone, Wii, DSi or PC if we wanted to be part of their system.

We won't stop doing other game impressions, ever. We enjoying gaming, and we'll stick to that - come hell or high water.

RememberThe3573792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

We get it, you love your site. I'm happy for you, but lets stick you the issues raised in the article:

Your completely right (or the author is). This site in particular seems to have become the front lines of the war against fanboyism, and they're winning.

It's getting to the point where some of the sites best commenters and contributors have been showing up less and less.

3792d ago
gaminoz3792d ago

@ Walther

That XboxOZ guy started the thread with a whole long explanation because of people like you.

It may be an Xbox site, but even in their bios they say they have other consoles. I know Aussie mag writers for Xbox or PS3 mags also play and own other consoles too, even if they focus on one.

Fanboys = insecure idiots. Just be happy with your console and let anyone else be happy with theirs.

In my case I'm lucky as I have all of them! (Though I don't PC game).

3792d ago
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Godem3792d ago

who cares what platform you like, as long as you are having fun

FerretWithASpork3792d ago

If only the rest of the gaming world had the required brainpower to grasp the concept you have put forth...

XboxOZ3603792d ago

I agree. One of our affiliates, a site that regularly posts in here had some terrible fanboyism the other week. with one claiming a certain car game was - "better than real life because it had more polygons" - are you serious . he was, and no amount of explaining could change his mind that a game is just that, and real life is - well - real life and NOTHING can match that - period.

That was just one comment, let along the countless other that shot the writer down for even thinking that a certain game should even wander away from home . . . The article was simply a "what if?" type of article, showing the pros and cons.

Thing was, no one was reading it, just the headline. Hence our comments around so many unable to read more than 2 lines of text. I'm sure they 'used' to teach reading at school!? They must have abandoned that concept I think

That's the blind unwavering stupidity that some can get to . . . sadly.

Internet + Annonimity = Idiotisy (its a disease I'm sure)

gaminoz3792d ago

@ Oz

"Better than real life because it has more polygons"

Are you serious? Some people just plug in and no longer have any concept of reality. Sad.

Phantom_T3792d ago

How websites like this comment on anonymous whiners,yet are probably only posting an article like this because they can stay anonymous whilst giving there view on things.
Still,I guess they have a point.

XboxOZ3603792d ago

See, yet another . . did you "actually READ it"?

No anonymity, no gamertag hiding their real names. All real names and real comments which you obviously did not READ.

This is the exact same thing we are talking about. Commenting on articles without even taking the time, and effort to even check them out first, before sticking your great foot in your mouth.

Names and details are supplied . . .

FerretWithASpork3792d ago

As XboxOZ360 pointed you, did you even read it? Every article on their website contains the author's real name...

gaminoz3792d ago

Lol. OMG. People just don't know how to read anymore before typing.

Seferoth753792d ago

Great article. Sony fans seem to be the worst this gen because they have lost so much and are trying so hard to act like it never happened.

redsquad3792d ago

Oh the irony of this post (and it's 'agrees'!).
Basically you're saying "Fanboys are terrible, but that 'other lot' are the worst".

See, to be so high and mighty you have to be equally disparaging of ALL 'fanboys'. If you start pointing out only the 'opposition's flaws then that actually makes you a fanboy yourself. Sorry if that's news to you....

gaminoz3792d ago

redsquad's got a point there...

Phantom_T3792d ago

It's ironic that somebody like you would comment on an article like this,when you're the kind of people there laughing at.

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