Ex-SAS man Andy McNab applauds Iraq game

Author slams critics of Konami's 'Six Days In Fallujah'...

Ex-SAS man and well-known war chronicler Andy McNab slams critics of Konami's "Six Days In Fallujah"...

Following the recent announcement of a new war game called Six Days In Fallujah from Japanese publisher Konami, TechRadar spoke with ex-SAS man and well-known chronicler of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Andy McNab.

McNab, author of Bravo Two Zero and a number of other autobiographies and fictional accounts of war, was keen to stress that UK-based critics and commentators of Konami's game need to understand that "culturally it is totally different in the US... In America it is not as if this is "shock horror"... everybody has been watching it on the news for the last 7 years."

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saggyscrote3784d ago

Whatever McNab says goes. He's the man !

zoydwheeler3784d ago

Where there is a market for entertainment, somebody will make it... these quibbling lil' moral or ethical issues about the representation of Iraqi civilians and insurgents don't mean bubbly-squit to the bottom-line!

TheBrit3784d ago

I have all of his Nick Stone books, all of his real-world accounts books and most of his boy-soldier books. I like his writing.

All but one book seems like they were written by him, one was definitely subject to 'was that a ghost writer' accusation lol

Calcio3784d ago

Was Chuck Norris unavailable?

Phantom_T3784d ago

Andy Macnab is constantly allowed to break the S.A.S oath by giving information on certain things,not on this game but in general.

robertjamespaul3784d ago

All this time I thought he was a hero. Turns out he was a big fail.

greatjimbo783784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Because he left the SAS before the 1995 rule change, before that it was a unwritten rule which he broke. And let's just say he is not too popular in the regiment nowadays. The bloke is a fool, if you read other accounts of the Bravo Two Zero patrol you will see that his bad decisions cost the mission and other troopers life's.

Phantom_T3784d ago

On the time they spent in the S.A.S
regardless of still serving,or if they have retired.

zoydwheeler3784d ago

He is hard as flip and built like a blick shrithouse

redsquad3784d ago

I expect there'll be protests everywhere when this game gets released, yet COD MODERN WARFARE got barely a peep despite dealing with essentially with the same sort of situations.

raztad3784d ago

In any case COD MW is a fictional game.

I'm not buying any game that depicts a REAL horrific war situation, where many civilian died (many more than accepted officially) like a "funny" thing. Not spending 60$ on propaganda.

redsquad3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

COD MW had Americans as the 'good guys' and Arabs as the 'bad guys'. I doubt the Fallujah game will show civillians being killed on mass (if at all), so either both are tasteless or neither are (in my view)