Gamespot: Grand Ages: Rome Review

You would need to have the smarts of a Cicero to keep track of all the Roman city-building games released in the last few years. Haemimont Games certainly isn't making this task any easier with Grand Ages: Rome. This generic city-builder set during the waning days of the Roman Republic looks and plays almost exactly like its ancestors; good luck telling the difference between the game and kissing cousins such as Caesar IV, CivCity: Rome, and, more to the point, Haemimont's own Glory of the Roman Empire and Imperium Romanum. Although there isn't anything outrageously wrong with this rehash of an old formula, it would be hard to think of a game that needed to be released this year less than this one.

The Good:
* Campaign missions based on historical families and events from Roman history
* Adds online multiplayer support

The Bad:
* Formulaic city-building gameplay
* Little more than a rerelease of last year's Imperium Romanum

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