Sam & Max dev interview - "We're hoping to get on all three consoles"

Dan Connors: "Well, we're hoping to get on to both consoles, with Live Arcade and Virtual Console--I'm sorry, on all three consoles! But we're starting with Wii and Xbox, on both of their online services and retail as well. We want to open as much distribution as possible and reach as many people as possible, so when we go out and talk to a license holder we can say, "Hey, we can get your license in front of all these people. Come with us and we'll make sure it's a great product." The distribution channel drives a lot of that, especially if you're independent and you're an emerging media publisher. I think there's some room for us to grab a stake.

Shack: Have you had much discussion with the platform holders?

Dan Connors: Yeah, on and off. We're definitely talking to them about it. They talk to a lot of people, so getting their attention is a bit of a challenge, but it's always nice whenever there's an article going across the headlines that people want more Sam & Max. There's also a lot of interest in the episodic thing, and Sam & Max has gotten a lot of interest from the critics, so that helps too. "

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