Blanka Makes an Appearance in Flock writes "I hadn't really paid much attention to Flock before today, but everyone knows we have a soft spot for all things Street Fighter. Today they announced that Blanka would be making an appearance in their sheep-centric puzzle game, a move that is sure to get some attention from Street Fighters strong support base. Check out the video above and let us know what you think."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3790d ago

He just rolls around? For what?

Fulensenca3790d ago

Multiplatform action game starring Blanka coming ...

Simon_Brezhnev3790d ago

the most cheapest character in SF4

BlackTar1873790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The only cheap character in sf4 is sagat and thats only because it takes a little bit quicker fingers to counter all his moves lol if you think blanka is cheap you need to practice more because he is far from cheap Balrog,Guile,mbison all have something to say about that and shoto charcter if played right can give him a fight. Blanka isn't cheap your tactics just aren't up to par don't hate because he causes you problems. What system do you play on ill show you how to beat him as I use Blanka,Guile,Ken, and occainaly balrog. besides there is a counter for pretty all moves by all charcters in the game you just have to learn them. getting beat by someone who spams a move isn't cheap you need to learn to stop it. Like saying a guy who doesn't know you can jump being spammed with FB and calling it cheap when in reality he justs needs to learn how to jump its not cheap that your falling for the same moves its cheap that you make such accusations based on limited knowledge.

this spell check is about as bad at fixing my spelling as I am at spelling lol

Sagat comes up as a spelling error for Scat LOL nice

Simon_Brezhnev3790d ago

hmm sagat not cheap i dont even use him but i did play somebody real good with him i got beat in last second they intentionally did a uppercut then did an ex focus den ultra on me