1up: Ninja Blade Review

Despite the limited enjoyment found in figuring out how to kill the game's enemies, none of the tired, tentacle-porn clichés conjured here are of that much interest. The irony is that, even though it's an "action" game, Ninja Blade's tepid, barely interesting plot is actually more enjoyable than any of the combat tossed your way. The handful of unlockable costumes and weapons do little to encourage repeat visits into Ken's quick time world.

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ActionBastard3791d ago

Hahahaha! What a great year to own a 360!

Obama3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

God of War Killer!!!! The 360 surely have a stellar lineup this year. :3

mintaro3791d ago

I wonder, who exactly called Ninja Blade the God of War killer?

- Ghost of Sparta -3791d ago

Hip Hop Gamer did. They also said Ninja Blade "outdid" Ninja Gaiden.

Obama3791d ago

Ninja Blade is also hyped as the action game of the year by some apparently.. XD

mintaro3791d ago

Yet another reason why Hiphopgamer should not be taken seriously.

Godmars2903791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Reason why HHG isn't taken seriously you mean mintaro. I was actually starting to listen to his podcast on a regular basis but all of the flamebait stuffed in-between the fluff quickly turned me off.

He needs to do some serious cleaning up before I'd even consider checking a link from his site at this point.

As to topic: Don't see why the game deserves a full blasting. Looks playable enough. Fun. That's all that should matter.

original seed3791d ago

well almost. HHG said it was a God of War killer. Ha! It made me laugh. Although i haven't beat GoW2 yet i knew from the demo that NB would suck.

Megaton3791d ago

Yeah, HipHopGamer gave this the 'God of War killer' title. He's obviously got an eye for quality.

sonarus3791d ago

When will people learn that HHG is about site hits and NOT about facts. He doesn't give a damn about the truth he just says outrageous stuff that is sure to get your attention

ZuperAmazingCooKie3791d ago

It looks last-gen. You wanna know what's funny? Kratos displayed 5000 polygons on PS2, and this Ninja guy only displays 3000 polygons. That's pathetic.

Acceptable polygon counts for today standards are 10,000. Marcus Fenix displays 15,000 polygons. Kratos for God of War 3 will display 25,000 polygons. Nathan Drake on the first uncharted displayed 30,000 polygons and Uncharted 2 will have, reportedly, a significantly higher polygon count.

How sad for From Software because they could have made the game *fun* considering they didn't spend any time in the engine of this game.

sonarus3791d ago

I have hated on from software in the past but ninja blade and demons soul imo are some of their better works that i have seen.

I don't know about ninja blade polygon count but its not always about graphics.

Rock Bottom3791d ago

Funny, we don't see "Why This" posting in this kind of topics.

- Ghost of Sparta -3791d ago

I brought him down to one bubble a couple hours ago. He's also banned from this zone.

MicroSony4Life3791d ago

or are the same set of trolls that were in the IGN review here also, LMOA at Ghost of Sparta.

SL1M DADDY3791d ago

That HHG knows very little about games. Anybody that says a game like this would tromp God of War is simply fooling themselves.

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3791d ago
3791d ago
Zeus Lee3791d ago

Eh,bad score.

The Demo was a bit fun tbh,wouldn't spend $60 for the game,but the demo left a good enough impression that once the title can be purchased for under $20 I'll get it.

original seed3791d ago

but not worth 60. I used to buy about 3 games per month. Now im very selective on what games will be worth it. For others, there's Gamefly.

Godmars2903791d ago

Can't see it hitting rock bottom bin except for what fanboys where expecting it to deliver, which was a million plus day-one sales.

Which it may actually still see given install base.

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