Should Quick Time Events Go Away?

"In Mortal Kombat X, Most of the cut scene fights are just there for you to watch, then every once in a while unannounced, the game goes to a quick time event." -Play Legit

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johndoe112111805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Play Heavy Rain and the walking dead series then see if that question is even worth asking.

Roccetarius1804d ago

Remove the button prompts and release it as a movie, then see if the question is worth asking again.

SamPao1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Well I guess every game that is ever beeing watched on any videoplatform and peoplr enjoy it, should then not be a game. Very thoughtful

xHeavYx1804d ago

Lol, people complaint that all games are similar, and when a game comes out that's different, people complaint that it's different.

Summons751804d ago

You mean remove the gameplay, take away all the player choices that make each playthrough unique, and release it as a would be a terrible movie. One of the best things about Heavy Rain was that all my friends had different playthroughs and endings making the game unique and fun to talk about and replay. Terrible argument, you can say that about any game.

DragonbornZ1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

For me it depends on the game. TWD, Beyond two Souls, they're fine and they work really well. And I don't mind QTEs in other types of games as long as they aren't heavy.

gangsta_red1804d ago

QTE's are an old tired design and Heavy Rain is definitely not a good example to use in defense of QTE's.

QTE's in a lot of games have become pointless and a cop out for boss battles (Dying Light, ugh) or unnecessary for mundane actions during a cut scene just to make sure the player is paying attention.

It's time for developer's to come up with something else or just drop this tactic all together.

johndoe112111804d ago

Heavy Rain is THE most perfect example to use in defense of QTE's. That entire game was QTE's and these were the review scores of that game: A-
Edge 7/10
Eurogamer 9/10
Famitsu 37/40
G4 4/5
Game Informer 9.5/10
GamePro 5/5
GameSpot 8.5/10
GameSpy 4.5/5
GameTrailers 8.9/10
GameZone 9/10
IGN 9.0/10

That game was critically acclaimed by reviewers and users alike and made the entire world know the name Quantic Dream.

Also The Walking Dead series and The Wolf Among Us are 90% QTE's and they have also received critical acclaim from reviewers and gamers alike. There is no justification for getting rid of QTE's except for gamers whose brains are incapable of comprehending anything other than aiming down their sites and pulling a trigger.

Revolver_X_1804d ago

Heavy Rain was a commercial and critical success. If I recall, TWD Season 1 was also a dominant GOTY winner. I have no problem with games designed around the concept. There is room for games of all kinds in my library. Now when QTE's are shoved in like RE6, Dying Lights' boss(you mentioned), and Shadow of Mordors' boss, it does get disappointing.

kneon1804d ago

Most of what people are calling QTEs in Heavy Rain aren't even QTEs. They are simply dialog choices that seldom have a time limit, and even when they do the timeout is usually quite long, certainly not quick. If they had used a different UI for dialog choices then there wouldn't have been any discussion about them.

The real QTEs in Heavy Rain are primarily in the fight scenes and there their use is perfect. Because there are no do-overs in Heavy Rain using QTEs is a great way to build tension. Every time you miss one things get more desperate because you know if your character dies then they really are dead for good.

3-4-51804d ago

QTE's are insulting to peoples reactions times.

* Imagine if EVERY single jump in a Mario game was a QTE......

They had their 15 minutes.....lets move on.

gangsta_red1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Heavy Rain was critically acclaimed for that time, but the more recent Beyond Two Souls wasn't, The Order has just been ripped for having too many QTE's, a lot of people were disappointed with a certain handling of Dying Light. And I remember Heavy Rain was also criticized for its over use of QTE's also by a lot of reviewers and gamers.

More games recently have been criticized and reviewed harshly for having to rely too much on QTE's. Sure their are a few games that are the exceptions like the Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us where the story trumps all but that is a small percentage with other games that have you press X to pay your respect, or repeatedly press X to open a door, or press Y, A, B and the end boss is defeated.

"There is no justification for getting rid of QTE's except for gamers whose brains are incapable of comprehending anything other than aiming down their sites and pulling a trigger."

How is that anymore braindead like then hitting the shiny red button when the big TV says so? Just recently I was playing the MK X storyline and right off the bat Johnny Cage starts fighting Scorpion in a cinematic, all of a X...why? The real gameplay didn't even start and there was no reason or warning that a QTE was going to happen in the very beginning of the game.

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ZaWarudo1805d ago

Yes, they absolutely should.

johndoe112111805d ago

Obviously you never played heavy rain or the walking dead series.

magiciandude1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I have Heavy Rain and it's only fun playing through it once even though the game has multiple endings. The game is a novelty, but that's about it.

Personally I want more control over the action rather than press X O X ◻ ◻ O △ X X △ or die, fail, branch out, etc. Now, I forgot quite a bit about Heavy Rain since that was many years ago, but I do remember the entire game being QTE laden.

Mikefizzled1805d ago

Thats like 70% of a David Cage game.

WizzroSupreme1804d ago

Yes, yes they should. They've always been an excuse to escalate drama through lazy button prompts than any game design.

The_Sage1804d ago

Should quick time events go away?.... Yep.

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