IGN: Ninja Blade Review

Ninja Blade isn't necessarily a bad or broken hack-and-slash game. There are a few elements that could use a bit more polish, such as the awkward jumping or the occasional collision detection errors. The whole package is serviceable, even if the majority of the action tends towards the mundane and tedious far too often. Slices of Ninja Blade are fun and goofy in a way that reminds you that games are meant for entertainment and don't always have to be serious. The epic end-boss finishes are enough to make the game stand out a bit, but the rest is far from special and by the end Ninja Blade left IGN generally disinterested.

Presentation - 6.5
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 7.0
Gameplay - 6.5
Lasting Appeal - 5.0
Overall -

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nightfallinicedearth3786d ago

Hmmm Well that's kinda low. I thought this game would be at least an 8. But guess not eh.

- Ghost of Sparta -3786d ago

Man, what an unstoppable lineup!

Will_Smith3785d ago

Who was it that said this game would top God of War?? or right HipHopPoser.

But N4G loves to comment on his flaimbait articles because everyone here is a retard. Its like touching a hot pan and telling me how much it burns and then putting their hand on the same pan....

as for this game. ONLY ON XBOX 360!

SCThor3785d ago

beware god of war 3!!!

FlameBaitGod3785d ago

I didnt think this game would get so much bad reviews

soxfan20053785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

@1.1 - "Only on 360.
Man, what an unstoppable lineup!"

Sony sure hasn't been able to stop the 360.

XxSolid SnakexX3785d ago

it's just a fake me out ninja gaidan that failed badly

jahcure3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Halo Wars - 82 (hailed as KZ2 killer)
Stoked - 74 (hailed as best extreme boarding game)
Race Pro - 73 (hailed as GT5 killer)
Star Ocean 4 - 78 (worst scoring console Star Ocean game...EVER)
Ninja Blade - 66 (hailed as GOW3 Killer)

#of 360 games i've purchased so far for 2009 - 0

I find it pretty disturbing that we're in April and i haven't purchased a single game for my 360.
As i've said before, multiplat games i get on PS3 simply because of trophies. It's my preference and to each their own.

MS needs to fix this because they had great games in the past but on the horizon there are just no games on the xbox that catches my attention. We need Halo4 and Gears 3 this year MS.

ps921173785d ago

remember when 360 was 100$ cheaper than ps3, yeah, yeah don't think you do lol?

Masta_fro3785d ago

this equals like a 4 on ign on the not biased scoring system...

you know, by that i mean if this were on ps3...

Dragun6193785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

@ SoxFan

Yea, but Sony sure did stop Xbox 360 from having a great line up.

Tales of Vesperia
Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma
Atelier Rorona
Mobile Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record U.C.0081
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
Katamari Damacy Tribute
God of War 3
Demon Souls (Which is in english and you can import it)
Gran Turismo 5
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain
Quantum Theory
WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within
White Knight Chronicles
Yakuza 3
Under Siege
Final Fantasy Versus 13

Xbox 360 line up
Ninja Blade
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake
Which both ME2 and AW seem to have a 2010 release rather than 09.

I mean we can wait, E3 right?, Where MS announces a whole bunch of exclusives.

Ryo-Hazuki3785d ago

I remember when i was at Gamestop and this manager was telling me how Ninja Blade was up there w/ God of War...when he told me that, I wanted to reach over the counter and slap doesnt matter, I told him he's full of sh** and I was right

soxfan20053785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )


How did Sony stop MS from having a great lineup? I mean, how many of those PS3 games you listed will even be out this year (or next)? Besides, MS doesn't start hyping games 2,3, or 4 years in advance. It's a LONG way from a paper lineup to commercial or critical success. You also conveniently forgot to list Forza 3 and Splinter Cell, two of the highest profile 360 exclusives. If you're going to make comparison lists, you should try to be a little more accurate.

TheColbertinator3785d ago

You fanboys are listing vaporware


Splinter Cell:Conviction? Its on PC as well

Forza 3? Release date missing...

Mars is not exclusive.Its on PC as well

Final Fantasy XIII Versus?


Shepherd 2143785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

How was Halo Wars supposed to be a KZ2 killer when Halo Wars is a RTS and KZ2 is a FPS?? Are you really serious that your even putting those two in the same category?

Anyways, ive bought 3 games for my 360 this year. Resident Evil 5, Halo Wars, and Street Fighter 4. Thats 3 great games in 4 months. Im very, very satisfied already, and im still waiting for even more games to buy. Fight Night Round 4, Halo 3: ODST, Wolfenstein, Rage, and Red Faction Guerrilla will all be making their way to my "dead" console this year. I will be very happy indeed. Chances are, i wont have enough money for all this. I gotta start working longer hours i think. =)

By the way, ive already put over 70 hours into Halo Wars, and its an amazing game. Great online MP, surprisiing amount of depth, its just awesome really. Ive also beat Street Fighter 4 on Hardest difficulty, and im almost done with RE5. So its safe to say that these three games ive bought so far are all fantastic.

Shepherd 2143785d ago

you can fabricate facts all you want, but whether they are exclusive or not, 360 has a ton of games coming this year pal.

Halo 3: ODST
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Mafia 2
Godfather 2
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
Mass Effect 2
Fightnight Round 4
Red Faction Guerrilla
Halo Wars(already released)
Street Fighter 4(already released)
Resident Evil 5(already released)
Alan Wake(may make it this year)
Final Fantasy 13(may make it this year)
Tekken 6(may make it this year)

well im tired of typing but theres still more buddy. 360 has a great line up, whether they be multiplat or exclusive. So suck it up and go play your games while i go and get lost in mine.

Mogabu3785d ago

Talking exclusives here. Not stuff you can play on the PS3 or PC also. So far and perhaps for the rest of 2009, Sony has the 360 beat hands down which kinda sucks as I play the 360 first and foremost. Or did. See, I wish BETTER of the people I invested my money in, I don't make excuses for them. I wish others expected better as well instead of just rolling over and pretending like everything's cool and the gang. 2009 is abysmal for the 360 :(

UltraNova3785d ago

Why dont you get it? Exclusives is what separates a the best line up from the worst! No matter how much you try to spin it the truth is in the common sense area now, a place no spin can go unnoticed.

12 out of the 16 games you listed are multi platform. Alan Wake will eventually be on the PC so dont get your hopes up. Mass Effect 2 exclusive? Well any opinion is as good as the next...

The only thing I see you guys doing this year is settling with DLC that MS is going to buy. And that is all you have to wait on E3, DLC!

Its quit possible to see MGS4 on the 360 as well but thats about it, and you would be wise to take the advise and play it on the ps3 where is the definite experience not the super compressed gimped one.

Now next time do yourself a favor and list exclusives on the system you like when everybody else is doing exactly that. Trying to convince yourself that your system is still relevant using multi plats is pathetic. Now go get lost in Halo wars and I'll go back to Killzone 2.

MicroSony4Life3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

dude loves his PS3.

Should you be playing the almighty kill zone 2, instead of commenting something negative on 90% percent of Microsoft/360 articles.

Guys like Ghost of Sparta,Gwave,Morganfell,darkri de66,Ultimu make me wonder what microsoft did to them to make them hate a console so much , to a point that they make it their sole duty to bash the xbox.

The xbox fans did not hype this game or said anything about a God of War killer, Sony fans are they only one's that hype games and end up disappointing there self's.

Shepherd 2143785d ago

how am i spinning the truth, what i told you is fact.

Who cares if MS buys DLC, Im sure that even though Sony doesnt conduct large exclusive deals with game companies, Sony probably fills any developer's pocket full of cash in their "paycheck", so that they will stay exclusve to Sony. Multiplat games make more money than exclusives, and im sure most devs would rather make more money from making multiplat games than to give up a bunch of money to stay exclusive. So you really dont get it do you? Obviously theirs big bonuses for a company to stay exclusive to Sony, while MS makes big deals for exclusive rights. its the same thing man.

And of course 360 doesnt have as many exclusives this year as PS3, but im not gonna pack up my console and get rid of it because of that. Like i said, plenty of great games coming this year that im looking forward to. I win, because im happy and enjoying my console and my games. you lose, because you have nothing better to do but to get on here and make pathetic attempts at bashing the 360. see ya pal.

IdleLeeSiuLung3785d ago

I buy my console to only play exclusives. I don't care about multi-platform games since they are inferior due to their existence on other consoles. /sarcasm

Enough said....

UltraNova3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

First of all your lame excuse of a come back is totally of the point I was making! So it is you that definitely doesn't get it pal! I was talking about console exclusives and how it separates one console from another and you went on about who makes more money ! Why should I, you or any other gamer care about MS and Sony's income? I am interested in playing the best games out there nothing more nothing less! The way I see it I have the choice to play 95% of the games you are going to play and you get to play 20% of what I am going to play (yes I'm talking about multiplats vs exclusives mate).

"And of course 360 doesnt have as many exclusives this year as PS3, but im not gonna pack up my console and get rid of it because of that "

Although I agree with you here, you unintentionally admitted that you have to defend the stagnant system your are left with just to make yourself feel better... Advise, buy a ps3 and save yourself the embarrassment pal!

"I win, because im happy and enjoying my console and my games. you lose, because you have nothing better to do but to get on here and make pathetic attempts at bashing the 360."

Talking about embarrassment... You seriously didn't say that! oh wait you did! And you have something better to do and you are still here trying to justify why you are stack with your anemic system? Please man give me a break!

" See ya pal " ???

How old are you anyway, 12?

If I were you I would wait until the year... thats weird I cant seem to think of a year that the 360 will have a decent and competitive EXCLUSIVE line up (maybe next year? sounds familiar...) and then talk again!

+ Show (18) more repliesLast reply 3785d ago
jlemdon3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

well I guess I don't have to get this game then. but wait... I got Heavenly sword so I think I'll go half with my cousin on this.:)

DarK-SilV3785d ago

I played this game, I give it 8

bob saget remix3786d ago

we know the game stinks. Just leave it were it belongs. The dumpster.

Mario183785d ago

Ouch... can't wait for Ninja Gaiden 2 for PS3

SL1M DADDY3785d ago

After seeing how this game wound up sucking, NG2 Sigma looks to make a bigger splash and end up being more fun.

bob saget remix3785d ago

right in the begining of the year. Its always a bad omen.

OmarJA3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Well at least they got a new Halo game coming... ehhh... DLC ?