The Escapist: Huxley Preview

When was the last time The Escapist heard from Huxley the MMO-FPS? It's been a while that is for sure, but the pre-alpha showed off during GDC was looking fine, despite the whole war-torn, future dystopia thing.

A rather large moon accident (think a zillion pieces) showers the Earth in space rock, causing untold ecological damage and chaos among the human population. It seems that some of the survivors ended up going into evolution overdrive - mutating - and hence they are given two factions in the game: Human (Blue) and Alternative/Mutant (Red). Frankly, it's a little too cut and dry for them, but hopefully the storyline will add some depth, as you're tracking down the MIA Dr. Huxley, who proposed that the mutants were actually a new species.

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