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Spike473788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

basically, it has the same problem I found with GTA4, there is nothing to do after you are done with the missions.(only that GTA4 had multiplayer)
So I guess I'll pass on this one,there too many great games already like GOW3, MW2, Infamous, and Battlefield 2.

Ghoul3788d ago

so you "heard" alot but didnt try it yourself?
And you say would pass on this game without ever seeing anything of it ?

3788d ago
shysun3788d ago

It's still worth a play through. Repetitive for sure but around mission 5 or 6 you get some cool ass moves, that make you want to finish the game.

no-spin3788d ago

It is repetitive, but for some reason i can play hours straight doing similar activities. The story is nice, and each time you kill a target and the story moves forward it sucks you right in (IMO). Good buy for less than $20 (bought it last week :)

ParanoidMonkey3788d ago

I got the first one for $11 and I thought it was alright for that price. It's repetitive, but it's not abysmal. I think the sequel has potential to be much, much better.

In other news at the end of the teaser, for those who were wondering, the reversed text confirms we'll be getting more info in Game Informer on the 16th.

Blaze9293788d ago

i enjoyed the first one. I think everyone can agree that the main problem was the repetitiveness of the "missions". But i still liked the game. Only enough for one playthrough though. Assassins Creed was hyped in the ass majorly. That damn Jade Raymond >_>

Anyway I'm sure I'll like this...hopefully

Violater3788d ago

If you played the first mission you basically have seen what the game has to offer in terms of "gameplay".
Of course if you are interested in the story it progresses.

sonarus3788d ago

Violator said it perfectly

yz2503788d ago

you have an awesome pic on ya n4g profile....confirmed!

Freak of Nature3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

A flawed masterpiece...

If they want to avoid this they need to keep the gameplay fresh,and at all costs avoid anything even remotly close to repetition...

Some added MGS style stealth to go with what they had,more varied weapons,and a more refined combat/mission objectives...OK,wish list over....

SaberEdge3788d ago

I don't care what anyone else thinks, Assassin's Creed was one of the freshest and most enjoyable gaming experiences to come out this generation. Yes, it was repetitive but the game was so good otherwise that it didn't really hurt the game that much. Gears of War (or practically any shooter) is just as repetitive when you think about it, yet get a free pass. I guess some people just don't like the style of gameplay found in Assassin's Creed. Me? I love it.

The narrative, the atmosphere, the scale, the animations, the ability to freely traverse up buildings and over rooftops, planning assassinations, the size of the cities, so many things about this game made it totally enjoyable and a one of a kind experience.

I literally can't wait for the sequel. One of my most anticipated games, along with Uncharted 2.

Dark General3788d ago

I really, really liked the first one. The only thing it really needed was more variety in the way of side missions before you unlocked the assassination attempts. That and give me the damn crossbow! Loved the story.

poopface13788d ago

I can see why people say its repetitive, but the game doesnt force you to do too much of those things before the assassination missions. The climbing and fighting was pretty cool. My main problem was that it was INSANELY easy. There was no other difficulty and as soon as you get counter attack and the combo move you can kill all the guards with no effort at all and they will just run away eventually. I actually started to just do the hidden blade counter attack because it was the only move that was actually somewhat of a challenge to do.

the second game could be great with more variety in the side missions, some cooler enimies/bosses, and maybe make it actually a challenge. that way you can actually feel like an assassin, and not like your playing dynasty warriors with blood on very easy.

ThanatosDMC3788d ago

Yeah, i wish there was more to do. But i did buy the game at full price so... if you're not willing to spend that much money. Just rent it or borrow it from a friend. The game is awesome at all the killing... you just wish there were more missions since it's such a big place.

It seems like they spent more time with the engine (good thing) but they didnt spend enough time with content of what the game had to offer.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3788d ago

The first game was lame though. Good graphics, glitches here and there, terrible storyline, very repetitive missions, last-gen gameplay. A 7 at best.

likedamaster3788d ago

I absolutely loved Assassin's Creed and everything about it. Don't listen to the fanboys, go play this game. Can't wait for AC2.

marinelife93787d ago

Cinematic Teaser trailers don't do it for me anymore. I need to see some game play footage to peek my interest now.

JHUX3787d ago

1st one had a good enough story for me to want to play this one. Game was pretty sweet, but repetitive. Some parts were annoying (people pushing you on the docks and you instantly die in the water). Then the whole killing someone in front of a whole crowd, but then walking around like you are praying there is no possible way you could of done it. It's worth a play through for the story alone though imo, then hopefully they fix the problems the 1st one had.

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Ghoul3788d ago

its the video on the teaser website, not really a video of ac2

BRG90003788d ago

Indeed, this video shows absolutely nothing at all. It MIGHT be implying a renaissance setting, but it could just be implying nothing at all. It could just as easily be a promo for the first AC as the second...

Spike473788d ago

I'm on a tight budget btw.

chaosatom3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

it's not even worth renting it imo. It's very very repetitive. I bought it thinking that it won't be that repetitive as reviwers said it would be. But it was!

rent anything like prince of persia or something. And don't think that you're missing out or anything with Assassin's creed.

I like POP, but didn't like Assassin's creed at all.

theEnemy3788d ago

If yes, then you might get the idea of how repetitive Assassin Creed is.

No wonder both games have the same devs.

aueslander3788d ago

Im thinking you are a huge KZ2 fanboy with that avatar. THing is, you want to talk about repetitive, talk ALL FPS games because they all boil down to run, shoot, maybe jump, wash rinse repeat.

If you want repetition, play ANY FPS game. Take it from a FPS fan.

Sarcasm3787d ago

"talk ALL FPS games because they all boil down to run, shoot, maybe jump, wash rinse repeat. "

Not really. Take Bioshock for example. There's tons of different ways to shoot, as well as the interesting way it progresses the gameplay and storyline. Heavy emphasis on progressing the gameplay. You get new additions all the way to the end of the game.

The difference between that and AC, in AC you basically do the same kills in the same missions. The gameplay doesn't progress like it should. Sure, the story progresses, but that's about it.

N4Flamers3787d ago

hope you were being sarcastic, in AC you get upgraded weapons after each mission, and new fighting moves. I loved both bioshock and AC but every game boils down to the same ammount of repetetive actions. I just loaded up AC to get all the flags yesterday and I cant wait to get AC2, I agree it does have problems and I hope they will fix them.

How are you gonna tell me altair can scale buildings all day but he cant dog paddle.

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hunter213788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

yeah the gameplay was repetitive but the story of the game was good. if they will change the gameplay ...make it better ...then AC2 will be a good game.

rivithed3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Check out the augmented reality via the webcam. Shows the hidden blade!