Interview: Noisycroak On Traversing Castlevania's Musical Timeline

Gamasutra: In this interview, Jeriaska sits down with the folks at Noisycroak for an interview about the soundtrack for the latest in the seminal Castlevania series, fighting game Castlevania: Judgment.

Since its inception in 1986, the Castlevania series has witnessed its fair share of lasting musical creations. Joining us for a discussion of this auditory history are two members of Noisycroak, the videogame music studio responsible for original compositions and rock arrangements found on Konami's Castlevania: Judgment soundtrack.

With a score directed by Hideki Sakamoto, the game features remixes from prior titles in the series for such game consoles as the 8-bit NES, Super Famicom, original Playstation, and Nintendo DS, arranged for the Nintendo Wii by composer and guitarist Yasushi Asada.

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