6.0 SOCOM: Confrontation Review reviews SOCOM: Confrontation:

"SOCOM Confrontation is a game that will get a select few very excited indeed; the unforgiving nature of its hardcore multiplayer action will prove to be exactly what they've been looking forward to. The rest of the gaming masses however can cite the near vertical learning curve, lack of any real multiplayer originality, drab visuals and unfriendly interface as reason not to join the party. It may have a relatively cheap price tag but unless you're an existing fan or have masochistic tendencies then I suggest you give this a miss."

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Socomer 19793791d ago

This game aint for noobs.

ha ha ha !

Thats total bullcrap.
Is anyone really afraid of getting thier heads swiss cheesed until they learn simply how to shoot straight and remember a map?

Socom is as easy as squeezing the trigger.